College Moving Tips: Small Moves with Furniture

Here are some college moving tips especially for those small moves with furniture to or from a dorm room or a nearby apartment. Below are outlined some other products and services that should help you out as well.

First thing you will need to decide on is a moving vehicle. Depending on how many belongings and pieces of furniture you’re bringing with you, you can choose to rent a trailer, a cargo van, a moving truck, or even U-Box containers. Whatever you choose, these options are all popular and economical and will go a long way in making your move efficient and even fun. By the way, it is best to make a reservation at least a week before. It gets really busy during moving season.

If the task of moving seems daunting, don’t fret. Check out Collegeboxes and Moving Help. These extra services from U-Haul can make moving easier and painless. When roommates, friends, and classmates are not available to help, click on the links above to search for safe, affordable, and reliable help near your area.

Lastly, here are some supplies like boxes, tape, markers, and more to make sure your precious belongings are protected, sealed, and labeled properly. You’ll want to make sure you have all the materials you need to pack your stuff. In the chaos of moving, the last thing you need is finding out you’re short on boxes or that you don’t have enough packing tape to seal your boxes.

No matter the type of move, big or small, it pays to have the right equipment, tools, and resources at your disposal. These will make your small moves with furniture smooth, snappy, and almost enjoyable!

What You Will Need:

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If you have other college moving tips, especially those involving small college moves with furniture, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.