Types of Movers

Moving is a big task that requires a lot of time and prep work.  Most people enlist the help of family and friends.   Some help comes and brings with them talent and a willingness to help.  Others you need to spend your time watching and waiting to see if they will help at all or hurt themselves.  The top 10 types of movers are; “The Brain”, “The Packer”, “The Buddy”, “The Child Wrangler”, “The Lazy One”, “Man’s Best Friend”, “The Muscle”, “The Injury Prone”, “The College Mover” and Moving Help Providers.  One of the most important types of movers is “The Child Wrangler” as they are responsible for keeping the kids and pets out of the way and they also usually feed the helpers.  If you have a particularly lazy friend, it would not serve you best to put them in charge of packing.  Matter of fact, when it comes to the lazy friend, just let them be.  Understanding these types of movers can help to leverage the talent and make moving day easier.

If you happen to have too many friends that belong to “The Lazy One” group or if you would rather take care of the move without your friends and family, consider hiring help.  It makes a stressful time less stressful and provides a professional, convenient service.  Moving Help Marketplace is a great service that will help organize, pack, lift, load, unload or clean.  With over 900,000 reviews online, it is easy to determine if the their service fits your needs.  Visit MovingHelp.com to schedule your best help providers yet!  Plus, friends and family make better house warming invites than they do movers!

Below is an infographic with the ten types of movers described above to help identify your moving help.  Pin and share with your friends to let them know what type describes them.