First Apartment Must Haves

first apartment must havesNot many events in life are as exciting as moving in to your very own apartment for the first time. Reality quickly sets in within a couple months and being on your own tends to lose it’s luster once you’ve paid rent a few times. Nonetheless, it’s still an unforgettable experience that you will fondly look back on for years to come. In the midst of all the excitement, it’s easy to forget some key essentials that will make apartment life much easier. Here are a few apartment must haves.

Storage Containers

Most of the time a person’s first apartment is a bit small, so having ample storage is important. Storage containers can fit a lot of stuff you don’t use very often and are stack-able, meaning you’ll have plenty of room for activities.

Nostalgic Items

You may feel that as you head out on your own you’ll never want to look back to the old days, but there will always come a time where you want to reminisce at some point. Bring some photos, letters and other items that bring back fond memories of home. You’ll be happy you did later.

Candles and Flashlights

Power outages do occur from time to time, so don’t forget to purchase some candles and flashlights to get you by until your electricity is fixed. Also, a portable charger will come in very handy if the power is out for an extended period of time.

Toolbox with Assorted Tools

I normally bring one of these with me in the moving truck so I have them handy for the move-in process. Having the right tool makes any job easier, so be sure to have a few different options in your toolbox. This list of must have tools compiled by The Home Depot is spot on and worth checking out.

armor2Conversation Pieces

Last but not least, you should add a bit of your own personal flair to the place. For instance, if I could do it all over again I would definitely put a suit of armor and a replica of the Iron Throne in my first apartment. Items like this help make the new place feel a bit more like home. Plus your apartment will be party central with an Iron Throne in your living room.

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