Moving to Ottawa

Home to Canada’s most famous festivals and known as the most educated city in Canada, it’s no surprise that you’re considering moving to Ottawa. Before you officially make your move, here are some of things that make this Canadian capital so special.

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One of the most exciting events in Ottawa has to be Winterlude, the largest festival in Canada. Imagine a festival, lasting for 3 weekends, held on the Rideau Canal, the largest ice skating rink in the world! Of course there are other activities such as ice sculptures and concerts, as well as activities for children. Possibly even more special is Canada Day on July 1st, where people of all ages go up to Ottawa’s famous Parliament Hill and enjoy the concerts and festivities set up there. Of course the various festivals Ottawa has year round aren’t the only available activities — the city has everything from rafting or kayaking down the Ottawa River or strolling around the ByWard Market for some fresh from the garden.


Ottawa has four beautiful and distinct seasons throughout the year, reaching into the humid 80’s in the Summer and as low 5°F in the snowy winters. Between the moist air and the drastic difference in temperatures, you might want to consider a climate controlled storage unit to protect any fragile items during the move and to store things that may not fit in your home. You are also sure to have a varied wardrobe to keep up with these seasonal changes so rotating clothing between your closet and storage unit is a great way to prevent clutter.

Life in Ottawa

Known as the most educated city in Canada, it’s no surprise that Ottawa has a very high standard of living and extremely low unemployment rates. If you’re looking for a place with a stable job to raise your family, this is definitely a place to consider. There are also 3 main regions to the city, allowing residents to live in any type of environment they please: urban, suburban, or rural. Here are some of the neighborhoods you may want to consider:

  • West Carleton-March – This rural neighborhood has the lowest crime rates in the city as well as the best secondary schools in Ottawa.

  • Kantana North – Kantana North is a quickly growing suburban neighborhood in close proximity to  high ranking schools, large shopping centers and has a below average crime rate.
  • Beacon Hill North –  This downtown district has slightly more urban living and is generally home higher paying jobs. It also has the #1 secondary school in Ottawa so residents are very highly educated.

Are you or someone you know considering moving to Ottawa? Share your stories in the comments below!