Living in Hamilton

Flickr: erasingscott | Via Creative Commons

The city of Hamilton is located in South Ontario, nestled right off the coast. This city is perfect for those who love the outdoors or can appreciate a community rich with arts and culture. Here are some tips and pointers about living in Hamilton:


Hamilton is nicknamed as the “Creative City” for it’s quality education and leading innovation in the health, technology and engineering sectors. It is also home to McMaster University, Mohawk College, Columbia International College.


Hamilton is flourishing with art hotspots such as the Dundurn Castle, the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Royal Botanical Gardens. The active theatre scene is not only home to a lot amateur local theater but also the famous Theatre Aquarius. It is abundant in wineries for those who love a glass of Pinot Grigio on a Friday night. You are guaranteed to have something to to every weekend; there is something to entertain people of all ages and tastes from local theater shows to live music lounges.


Flickr: dougtone | Via Creative Commons

With the temperatures being fairly well in Hamilton, there is plenty of time for outdoor activities. You can go bird watching or hike up one of the hundreds of waterfalls close to the urban epicenter. Because Hamilton is located on a peninsula, residents can partake in all the fun beach activities as well. Just beware of that intense humidity during the summer!


Because of the diversity in activities, there is also diversity in the community. Hamilton is a well-known for their friendly, multicultural community that lives in anything from luxury apartments to suburbs.

Moving to Hamilton or already living there? Let us know what is your favorite part of the city in the comments below.