Get Involved Series – Family in a New Community

You have returned your family’s moving truck and your move is officially over.  Now what?  The most important thing you can do for your family to make a move last, is to get involved.  If you are moving in the summer with kids it is important to get involved quickly because kids do not have school to meet new friends and can feel lonely or bored.  Below are some tips for a family in a new community to get involved and find a place after a move.  Single in a new city?  Find ways to get involved here.

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Try these as a family.

Meet the Neighbors: They may have kids around the same age and can suggest about what is a must try for food, fun and adventure!

Explore: Act like a tourist, try the museums, visit any special landmarks and go to a baseball or basketball game to get acquainted with the home teams.

Find a Group: Find a group that fits your family’s interests or needs, whether it is a church, play group, volunteer group or a family Meetups.

Invite and Accept Invitations: Extend and accept invitations to help you get to know people who share your interests and allow your kids to meet others in their own environment.

Involvement for Kids

Involvement is critical for children as a move can be tough on them.  Here are some activities that will help them meet kids.

Sports / Dance: Activity promotes working as a team and helps to build long-term bonds.

Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts: Scouts allow children to work as a team, spend time in the community and learn individual skills.

Classes: Try art or cooking classes for children that are more creative.

If your child has not found an extracurricular passion yet, check out these unique activities from or try a community center for options they can try out in six week sessions.

Involvement for ParentsPhoto_4

Sometimes parents forget themselves, but it is important to get out there as well.

Clubs: Join a book, sport, beer, wine or craft club to meet new people.

Exercise: Going to the gym or fitness classes will help you meet other people and help get those happy endorphins going!

PTA: Joining the PTA or other school groups can help you get to know people from your child’s school.

Moving can be exciting as well as a little scary.  Using these tips will help make the entire family feel connected to a new community.

What are some tips you have for a family in a new community to get involved?


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