Rules for the License Plate Game

License Plate GameAlmost everyone has been on a long road trip in the past. The first hour or two is filled with excitement, but soon enough that joy is replaced with an equally strong yet not as appealing sensation of boredom. Next time you are getting ready for a road trip or packing the truck for a long distance move and you’re looking for something to pass the time (or more importantly to keep your kids occupied), you should give the license plate game a try.

  • Proper Preparation Precedes Perfect Playing Performance

Before you leave on your trip you should print off a list of all the U.S. states and Canadian provinces. If you want to get fancy then include the U.S. territories and Mexico on there as well.

  • Ridiculous Roads Require Rule Ridden Recreation

Once you have your list printed off and you’re on the road, keep an eye on the license plates you see on the road. Have someone who is not driving mark each different state that you notice off your list. When you arrive at your destination add up how many different license plates you saw.

  • Multiple Members Make Merriment More MemorableLicense Plate Game

If you have multiple people playing, the game can be much more fun and competitive. You can decide ahead of time that certain plates are worth more points to make things interesting. Perhaps Hawaii is worth 5 points because it is so rare? You decide!

  • Different Directives Definitely Diversify Dandy Diversions

There are other games you can play with license plates as well. Some people try to see how many words they can make out of the letters on the plate. For instance: if a license plate had “6MTN556” on it, then you would see how many words you can list that contain MTN. MounTaiN… ManhaTtaN… MolTiNg… You get the idea! You could even make up your own license plate game!

Know of any other cool games you can play with license plates? Let us know about them in the comments!