#Doesitgrill – Watermelon

Starting the summer right with a nice fresh slice of watermelon right off the grill… huh? This might seem like a waste of time as watermelon is mostly just water, but I assure you it’s not! It may not simply enhance the flavor or anything, but it does add another element to a summertime snack we all enjoy at a hot summer BBQ.

Preparing the Watermelon

What I found to be the best method is cut a nice thick slice of the watermelon with the rind still on, dab some olive oil on it, salt and pepper to taste (either before or after you grill) and place on grill for about 4 to 6 minutes on each side. Let it cool for a few minutes and enjoy! I also recommend putting the watermelon straight on the grill and drizzling it with balsamic vinegar on once its cooled some.

Final Verdict

Overall I thought the watermelon was good. I wasn’t entirely sold that cooking the watermelon was superior to the traditional cold snack when grilled plain, but once I added some seasonings, the flavor changed completely. Next time you invite your friends over and want to surprise them with a new treat, grill up some watermelon as a side dish for your summer BBQ. If you choose to decorate your grilled watermelon with the balsamic drizzle, consider slicing up the watermelon into small cubes and adding to a salad with feta or goat cheese!

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