Tips to Start a Food Truck

One thing better than delicious food is being able to grab delicious food on the go. As the mobile food industry becomes increasingly popular, the number of food truck owners increases with it. There’s no wonder why so many people are hopping on board, buying their own truck and becoming the food truck entrepreneurs of their city. To start a food truck business, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Where to Start a Food Truck

Location is always important. Food trucks tend to do well in cities such as San Antonio, Sacramento and Tampa. The diverse communities in these cities contribute to the variety of food trucks that roam the streets. Some popular food trucks in these cities are listed below:

start a food truck

Rules and Regulation for Food Trucks

The laws for running a food truck varies with the city. Permits and licenses are almost always required. Depending on the type of food being served, getting a food handlers license is in order. Whether the food truck is serving prepackaged goods, ice cream or finger food, there are regulations in place that need to be followed. In some states, such as Washington D.C., food trucks undergo a health inspection before getting out on the road. Keep in mind, parking is also something to think about when operating a food truck. Before serving customers, find out which areas allow food truck parking. Public Markets seem to be popular spots for food trucks.

How to Start a Food Truck

When purchasing the body and equipment for the food truck, take into account everything that is needed to put build the truck. The most popular truck body to start with is a 10 ft. truck. It comes with an all-white body and ready for decals and modifications.

What to Put on the Menu

This is the fun part. The food on the menu defines the food truck and the owners of that truck. The decision whether to serve savvy sandwiches to go or gourmet personal pizzas and everything in between doesn’t have to be a hard one. Figure out the people who frequent the areas to be served, then create a menu specifically for the area. It all comes down to the quality of the food. Good food will bring in people. Also, a food truck is like an advertisement on wheels!

Food trucks add a little spice and flavor to the American culinary scene. For those looking for menu inspiration to start a food truck, check out some examples of those who are doing it well. Bacon Bacon in San Francisco finds creative ways to serve the beloved pork belly. Repping for the east coast, we have Roxy’s Grilled Cheese in Boston serving up gourmet grilled cheese with a side of truffle fries. In San Antonio, Middle Eastern food is making a name thanks to Rickshaw Stop. Grab some baklava and samosas at this Pakistani food truck. A simple search for food trucks in the area will give future food truck owners and idea of what to serve. For those ready to start their very own food truck, purchase a truck here and start building your food truck!

Do you have tips for future food truck owners? Let us know in the comment section below.