Moving to Providence

moving to providence
Jef Nickerson (Flickr Creative Commons)

Providence is a fascinating city because it combines qualities of both a small town and big city. It has a thriving arts and cultural community, a well-known food scene and plenty to see and do. It’s far from dull, but not quite as crazy as other northeastern cities like Boston and New York City. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a balance of lively and laid back.

If you’re considering moving to Providence, here are a few things worth knowing about the city.

History & Culture

Providence’s history goes back to before the United States was established. Providence was founded in 1636 and was part of the original Thirteen Colonies. After the Revolutionary War, it was one of the first cities to industrialize. The city has long been known for its jewelry and silverware industry, which is still significant today. In recent years, Providence has re-branded itself as the “Creative Capital” because of its prominent educational and arts communities. It is also known for being one of the cities with the most restaurants and coffee/doughnut shops per capita!

Jobs & Education

owlpacino (Flickr Creative Commons)
owlpacino (Flickr Creative Commons)

Providence is a major industrial, commercial, medical and financial center for New England. It is also considered a college town because it is home to a handful of universities, the most well known being Brown University, an Ivy League school, and Rhode Island School of Design, one of the country’s top fine arts schools. Higher education has a large impact on the area’s economy, politics and culture. Brown is also one the city’s largest employers, along with hospitals and other health care companies.


Like many cities in New England, spring and fall are the most enjoyable times of the year in Providence. January and February are the coldest months, with an average temperature of 29 degrees, while July and August are the warmest, with an average of 73 degrees. Providence doesn’t really have a rainy or dry season, with precipitation fairly consistent throughout the year. This also means that humidity has a constant presence throughout the year, with a daily average of 68 percent, however it can rise into the 90s in the summer and dip lower into the 40s in the winter. If you need storage, a climate-controlled storage unit would definitely be recommended.

What else is helpful to know before moving to Providence? What advice or recommendations would you offer to prospective residents? Let us know in the comments below!