Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast

Grilling season is upon us so fill up that propane tank and wipe the dust off your grill! U-Haul team members were asked to submit their favorite grilling recipes and we picked some of our favorites. This recipe puts a spin on grilled chicken and was submitted by team member, Nicole J. out of Detroit! Here’s the recipe:

Ingredientsgrilled stuffed chicken breast

8 – Chicken breast
6 pcs. – Bacon
1/2 – Red onion
8oz – Shredded Cheese
1 sm bag of frozen brocolli
Chicago Steak seasoning
1 sm bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce

How to Make

Step 1: Cook broccoli midway and cook bacon thoroughly.

Step 2: Mix broccoli, onions, shredded cheese and diced bacon in a bowl.

Step 3: Season the back of the chicken.

Step 4: Slice meat, midway through the middle, season the inside and stuff with  broccoli mix, and then season top of the meat.

Step 5: Use toothpicks to hold stuffing in place.

Step 6: Place chicken on grill, once it’s done, brush chicken with BBQ sauce while still on grill.

Step 7: Serve with sides and beverages!

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grilled stuffed chicken breat

What is your favorite dish for summer grilling? Tell us in the comments below!