#Doesitgrill – Banana

Grilling is no longer limited to the traditional burgers and steaks. When deciding what items to grill however, you have to take into account their various textures and properties. Although there is an easy way of making grilled banana into a tasty treat, you do not want to toss a banana straight on the grill. With the proper preparations and seasoning enhancements, you can transform an ordinary fruit into an incredible modern-day grilled masterpiece.

Preparing the Banana

When preparing your banana for grilling, there are two methods I have found to be the most successful. You can either use foil to grill your banana or you can create a protective boat using the peel of the banana. Either of these will allow your banana to be grilled to perfection without getting stuck to the grill or melting through. These will also create a boat for you to start adding toppings to your new grilled dessert straight on the grill if you choose. I recommend not to decorate your banana until at least one side is fully grilled and the other is well on its way. Each side should take about 3-6 minutes to grill.

Final Verdict

Grilled bananas can definitely be a successful grilled dessert, but unfortunately it is not grill-able on its own. Thankfully that issue is easy to remedy with foil. Once you have grilled your bananas to perfection, try drizzling with chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and tossing in some marshmallows for a twist on s’mores. You can also try topping your banana with ice cream and honey. However you choose to serve your grilled bananas, your guests are sure to have a new favorite treat.

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