10 Ways to Prepare your Backyard for Outdoor Parties

Jul 25, 2015

In order to throw the coolest party of the summer, you first need to prepare your backyard. Outdoor parties require a bit of extra attention and preparation, so if you want to win the title of “Best Summer Party Host”, you first have to prepare your backyard for outdoor parties.

Prepare your Backyard for Outdoor Parties

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1. Cut the grass

This is a given! You want the place to look nice, right?

2. Clean the patio

Grab a broom or pressure hose and start cleaning. Depending on how often you do this it might take a bit longer. Remember to be thorough and clean all spider webs off your patio furniture.

3. Additional seating

Chances are you’re not the proud owner of 20+ chairs, but this doesn’t have to be a problem. You have several options to add seating. You can step up your Pinterest game and DIY some cool outdoor seating like this cinder block bench. You can also buy some nice blankets and cushions to set on the ground. And if all else fails, rent additional seating.

4. Decorate

Here’s the real fun in throwing outdoor parties. So pick a theme or color and run with it.

5. Set up lights

If the party is any good it will last past sundown. Invest in some lanterns or make some mason jar candle holders. For those of you still grilling after daylight, grill lights offer some much needed light over the food.

6. Get your grill ready

Most of your grill you should be able to clean with water and soap. To clean the grates in your grill, you will want to turn your grill on for 10-15 minutes. Allow it to cool for a while before cleaning it with a stiff wire grill brush.

7. Fill up your propane tank

There will be no grilling without a propane tank! Don’t be the host that runs out of propane half way through dinner – fill up your propane tank!

8. Set up a grill area

In order to seamlessly make dinner for everyone, you’ll want to set up a section next to the grill where you have everything you need. Think utensils, containers, seasonings and food. A good tip to minimize what you bring out is to premix your seasonings indoors. This way you only bring out one container as opposed to multiple seasonings.

9. Create a bar area

People love food and drinks. Set up a bar cart with your favorite drinks, ice and glasses. This way everyone can easily serve themselves.

10. Get a playlist ready

Music makes a party! Well, that and food. And good company. You get my point, music matters. Create your perfect music playlist on Spotify or check out any of the popular ones already created.

If you need more ideas or tips for summer grilling, check out our grilling tips.

What are your go-to tips for hosting a backyard party? Share in the comments below!


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