Precautions to Take When Moving

Aug 4, 2015

On moving day, there are plenty of personal safety concerns for everyone. We are all more at risk to burglaries and other forms of crime during and after our moving process. By planning ahead, staying informed, and taking the following precautions, we can stay safe at all times!

Before Moving Day

  • Tell as few people as possible that you are moving.
  • Have the post office hold all mail during your move. Pro Tip: If at all possible, have deliveries and packages be sent to your office instead.
  • Get to know your new neighborhood  before the U-Haul truck arrives. Every city has different risks, and it pays to be informed.

PrecautionsDuring Moving Day

  • Consider having a close friend or relative help you guard and unload the moving truck.
  • Make sure to lock the truck in between trips. Check out the Discus Security Lock here!
  • Label boxes for the room where they belong, such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room. Pro Tip: Avoid language, such as “electronics” or “valuables” on all moving boxes.

After Moving Day

  • Check all entrances to ensure that locks, windows, and any other entrances are securely locked. If possible, take the extra step and change all the locks.
  • Cover windows to prevent unwanted viewing of you or your possessions. Pro Tip: Use a blanket or broken down moving box cardboard until you have curtains installed.
  • Install a security alarm if at all possible.
  • Always make sure to have a friend or family member over while service people connect cable, internet, gas, telephone, etc.
  • Have a home phone? Ladies, make sure the voicemail message is gender neutral. To those without roommates, make sure your message doesn’t convey that you are living alone. Same goes for the name on your mailbox!

Have any other safety tips for moving day? Please share in the comments below.


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