How Much is a Storage Unit

When looking for a storage unit, determining how much you want to spend per month is a vital step. Part of that process involves getting an idea of how much units cost on average around the city you live in. As you start to search, you’ll realize there aren’t really any “standard” sizes when it comes to storage units. One location may offer 10′ x 10′ x 6′ units, while another location offers 9.5′ x 10’x 7′ units. While those two examples are fairly similar in dimensions, sizes can get increasingly different the more you search. So what is the best way to evaluate units and find the best “bang for your buck”?

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First of all, just like with housing – storage is all about location, location, location. We looked at several storage centers and units around New York City and the average cost per cubic foot was about 59 cents. Meanwhile areas with a lower cost of living had a much lower average, such as Phoenix which had many units at less than 20 cents per cubic foot. So if you want to find the best price possible, you should look where the apartments are cheap as well. Also, oddly proportioned units do exist, and often they will save you a bit of money. It may be a bit inconvenient bending over whenever you are inside your 6’L x 3’W x 4.5’H unit, but the money you’ll save will (possibly) be worth it. One last thing tip to keep in mind during your search – the bigger the unit, the better the deal you’re going to get. Especially in areas with higher costs. So if you know a friend looking for a unit as well, you could both save some money by going in on a larger unit together.

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