The Perfect Trailer for Your Next Tailgate

Oct 12, 2015

Yes, pickup trucks are a tailgating must-have, but what can you do if you don’t have a pickup truck? Does this mean no tailgating? Of course not! Trucks are great for tailgating, but the real tailgating MVPs are trailers. Because regardless of what you drive, as long as you have a hitch, there is a trailer out there that you can tow. So, what is the best trailer for your next tailgate?

The Perfect Trailer for Your Next TailgateSports Trailer

Call this one the beer trailer because that’s one of the best ways to use this small sports trailer for your next tailgate. Fill this trailer up with ice and beverages/food and you have yourself a big mobile ice chest. Pop the trunk of the trailer once you arrive and you’re sure to have a crowd around the trailer.

4′ x 7′ Utility Trailer

It’s small enough for pretty much any car to tow and has an open top which means you can easily fit your grill, canopy or other tall items. This small utility trailer makes it possible for your small sedan to be the life of the tailgate!

5′ x 9′ Utility Trailer with a Ramp

Here’s a larger trailer equipped with a ramp that will make loading and unloading those heavy items a breeze. You can easily fit your grill, table, canopy and food is a secure and easy to tow trailer. Again this trailer has an open top allowing you to fit and secure the taller items that wouldn’t normally fit in your car.

6′ x 12′ Utility Trailer with a Ramp

This is the largest open trailer that U-Haul rents out to customers. It’s similar to the previous trailers in that is an open-top trailer equipped with a loading ramp. The size of this trailer is perfect for those of you planning a large tailgating party. You likely need to load several coolers, canopy, grill, propane tank, outdoor games, tables, and chairs. The ramp will help you easily load and fit a large group of items without needing to step up and down the trailer.

Once you pick out the perfect trailer for your tailgate make sure you don’t forget any of the essential supplies like grilling tools and refilling the propane tank. Happy tailgating!

What size trailer do you think you need for your next tailgate? Share your comments below!


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