5 Things To Remember When Moving Your Music Gear

5 Things To Remember When Moving Your Music GearBeing a musician has its perks, but there are also times when you want to curse the day that you decided to pick up an instrument. Usually, that happens when it’s time for a big move. Most musicians take pride in their instruments and work hard to keep them in good condition, but when embarking on a major move, it can be difficult to properly pack your gear. Here are some tips to help you when moving your music gear.

Pack and stack

Working with limited space?  Packing a cargo van? Moving in a box truck? No matter what your move is, chances are you will be working with limited space, remember to pack smart and stack your items. Don’t apply pressure on your most fragile items. Do you have vinyl records in a milk crate? Don’t stack them! Stacking exposed vinyl can lead to bent and broken records.

Hardcases are your friend

If you are a musician who displays your instruments on stands then it’s time to invest in some great hardshell cases. Hardshell cases aren’t just great for moving to a new place, but they are great for gigging as well! Make sure you get something durable and that has great reviews.

You’re the artist – get creative!

Make sure that you have plenty of padding when packing your instruments. Have some old Van Halen t-shirts? Use soft fabrics like t-shirts and towels to line and protect your instrument packaging for extra security and safety.

5 Things To Remember When Moving Your Music Gear

Keep inventory

Do you have valuable gear? Make sure you keep an inventory of everything you’ll be bringing on your move. Create a spreadsheet of the items you’re packing, its value, and any noticeable marks/scratches.

Give it time to unwind

Now that you’ve moved and settled in, give your instruments 24 hours to get acclimated to the new weather conditions/environment before playing. This is especially important for stringed and woodwind instruments.

What tips do you have for moving your music gear? Share in the comments below!

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