Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

Moving Seniors

Moving day for senior citizens can come with added stress, as many are moving out of their longtime homes into smaller apartments. For many of us with aging parents, ensuring a relaxed move carries enormous importance–so follow these tips to have a smooth moving day.

Don’t over-exert yourself

Moving for seniors presents more challenges than moving for, say, millennials. Senior citizens should apply proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries because with many hitting retirement age, overexertion while moving boxes or heavy items is more likely to occur. Find moving help in your area to quicken the moving process and avoid any aches and pains. Even if you feel 100 percent comfortable with moving your things, take it slow.

Do what you are comfortable with when you are comfortable

Many retirees have antiques or family heirlooms that are priceless to them but can be difficult to sort through when it comes to deciding what to keep or give away. Take your time doing so; giving away those invaluable possessions can take an emotional toll when it comes to moving for seniors. Consider renting a self-storage space to safely secure the valuables that won’t fit into your new living space. Moving for seniors takes patience and understanding, so don’t rush. Also, it’s important to take into account if your older parents will be moving in with you.

If you feel overwhelmed with the clutter and you’re not sure where to start, have your trusted family members whittle the pile down for you. 

Gentle reminders

Moving for senior citizens requires gentle self-reminders as to why you’re moving–so remember why it might be a necessary stage in your life and the benefits of a smaller place. If you are helping a senior move, suggest these positive reinforcements throughout the day to keep spirits afloat. The pressure of moving to a new place can be alleviated with these gentle reminders about why moving would benefit a senior citizen.

Take time to reflect

Leaving a beloved home isn’t small potatoes. Give yourself the time to reminisce; think of the times you spent at your former home, and anticipate the new memories you’ll be making. The same photographs will hang on your new walls, and the same family will be visiting you in your new living arrangements. Go forward with optimism!

Moving for retirees can fall anywhere on the spectrum from stressful to thrilling. The key to finding joy in moving to a new spot lies in going easy on your body and maintaining a positive mindset.

(Photo: Kathleen Metzger McNamee)

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