Celebrate Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is February 8, 2016, but the preparation and celebration actually start before the new year. With a focus on family, the Lunar New Year celebrates with parades, good food, and great friends. With a celebration that lasts 15 days, it is important to be prepared. Below are a few of the many traditions that take place for the celebration.


Clean – To prepare for the Lunar New Year celebrations it is important to clean your house completely. Cleaning the house represents putting away old things, bidding farewell to the previous year and welcoming the new year. While you’re tidying up, check out these storage solutions to keep items in order.

Shop – During the new year celebrations, many family and friends visit. A big event is the family reunion dinner. Make sure to do all your shopping before the big day so everything is ready for guests. If you’ll be filling propane tanks make sure you properly transport the tanks. First, find a local propane refill station to take your propane cylinder tanks to. If you have a passenger car, you’re limited to carrying no more than four (4) cylinders and 90 pounds of propane. If you have an open truck, you can carry under 1,000 pounds of propane without a hazmat license. Remember, always make sure your propane tank is sitting upright during transportation.


Dragon - Celebrate Lunar New YearGift Giving – Show your friends and family you wish them luck and good fortune for the new year by giving them gifts. Do not make the mistake of giving gifts that are white, black, or blue because those colors represent death and are often seen at funerals. Be safe and give gifts that are red, yellow or gold. Those colors represent wealth and prosperity (Ben, Chinahighlights.com). Parents often give children red envelopes with money inside. The color red represents luck, therefore, the money is considered lucky money because it comes in the red envelope. Gift giving for the Lunar New Year is about wishing others luck, wealth, and good health in the coming year.

Firecrackers and FireworksAccording to the story of Chinese New Year, there is a monster that ruins crops and harms people. However, the monster is scared of loud noises and the color red. Celebrations that use fireworks and firecrackers are to ward off the monster. Families also hang red lanterns to keep the monster away.

Lunar New Year is a celebration with friends and family. There are many traditions and special events that take place during the 15 day celebration. If you’re celebrating, make sure to prepare in order to have a safe and stress-free holiday.

Are you celebrating Lunar New Year? Tell us about your traditions in the comments below!

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