Moving Hacks by MovingHelp®

When it comes time to move, who could offer more trustworthy advice than a professional expert in moving? That’s why we went straight to the source and asked some Moving Help Providers® what tips they have for getting the job done in the quickest, most efficient and most organized manner. Check out these moving hacks they shared with us to make your move easier:

moving hacks

  1. Stop the Lock: Stop the door from locking by placing a rubber band around each door handle to hold the latch in. This allows you to exit and enter while carrying boxes or other moving supplies much more easily. For additional door stop moving hacks, check out this video.
  2. Protect the Carpet: Tape cardboard to stairs or carpeting to keep them clean and protected as you move. Watch this video for more cardboard moving hacks.
  3. Carry a Mattress: If you forget to pick up your Carry-Pro Mattress Bags Set for moving day, you can use a bed sheet to lift and carry your mattress. Just make sure you have a strong moving companion to help.
  4. Secure your Items: Keep items fastened to your dolly by securing them in place with bungee cords. With this easy moving hack, you will never again have to worry about items falling and potentially being damaged.
  5. Move Heavy Items: Slide heavy items such as furniture on furniture pads across hardwood floor or tiles. The furniture pads will not only make it easier to move your items, but they will also help to keep both your floors and furniture in prime condition.
  6. Protect Your Washer: Fill your washer and dryers with pillows and blankets to stabilize them as you move. This keeps the agitator from breaking during transportation.
  7. Absorb Moisture: Place a clean maxi-pad or diaper in your freezer to absorb moisture as it de-frosts to prevent leakage.
  8. Reserve Moving Help®: We may know a few of their moving secrets, but they surely have a lot more. Not to mention that these tips came directly from them so they are going to be much better at doing it than we could image! They are called experts in moving for a good reason!

To see all these moving hacks carried out by the Moving Help Providers® themselves, watch the video below!

Have you ever tried any of these moving hacks? Share your stories in the comments below!