Portable Storage Lets You Travel While You Move

Your youth can be the best time to see the world and explore new opportunities, before facing the obligations that come with furthering into adult life.  If you are a young adult, or maybe life has you constantly on the move, relocating can sometimes force you to compromise other fun/important events.

This problem though is easily solvable. The U-Box portable storage container offers users the freedom to store household items for as long as you need, and then have them relocated to any future destination on demand. This means that if you have plans to move after graduation, say from Austin, Texas, to your exciting new job in Portland, Oregon, your possessions can be stored and shipped hassle-free.

Storing Possessions While Traveling

Young professionals and adventure seekers can use this as a way to keep personal items neatly contained while they make time to travel. Effectively make it easier and more practical than ever to take time off before returning to school or launching your career.

You can pack a U-Box unit at your own pace. Each one holds about a bedroom and a half in an average home.

Not moving for six months? Feel free to keep your U-Box for as long as you need it. You can rest assured that your stuff is secured stored at U-Haul’s facility, and will be reliably delivered in time for your return.

Doing a semester abroad? Portable storage is a great solution for this, too.  You can keep your things in storage for a very affordable price, or have the container shipped to your destination abroad, giving you a sense of home wherever you go.  The great benefit of portable storage is the on-demand nature of it, so if that semester abroad turns into a new life in another country, you can have the unit shipped to you.

U-Box portable storage containers make moving and traveling easy

All of these things combined make U-Box containers the better alternative to asking parents or close friends to “keep a few things in their garage,” for an uncertain amount of time. Now you can start planning for the trip you’ve been dying to take, without the worries of whether or not your life will be there when you return.

New Home for/after the Holidays

Portable storage, combined with loading/unloading aide from MovingHelp can be used for shorter and hurried moves as well.

For anyone who has graduated in December, you know the holiday season only gets more hectic when you have to figure out how to start your new life, potentially in a new city, and still want to spend time with friends and family. Using U-Box portable storage containers, you can pack the unit and have U-Haul ship it away to your destination on your schedule. This frees you up to spend more time enjoying Grandma’s cookies and less time worrying about your belongings.