Reasons to Install a Hitch on Your Car

Install a Hitch on Your Car

I own a small sedan and I love it. I really do. It’s good on gas and easy to park. Yet, there are times when I can see the downsides of a small vehicle. I recently moved and I was able to fit a total of four medium boxes in the car. Truck and interior space included. I obviously rented a moving truck, but it got me thinking. How nice would it be if I could rent a trailer and tow that behind my car? Here’s the thing, I can do that. All I needed to do was install a hitch on my car. Simple enough. But is it a wise investment to do this if I will only move once every 12 – 18 months? YES! Installing a hitch on your car opens up the possibilities of what you can do with your car. This is especially true for people who spend a lot of time doing sports activities outdoors.


I’m not talking about the short drive to your local mountain trail. Adding a hitch to your car can make hiking and camping a lot easier. Use a trailer or cargo carrier to fit your tent, sleeping bags, backpacks, climbing gear, etc.

Reason to Install a Hitch


If you’re lucky, you can stuff a bike in your car but this isn’t ideal. It’s especially unhelpful if you need to bring more than one bike. With the help of a hitch and a bike rack, your car can easily fit up-to four bikes.

Reasons to Install a Hitch

Vehicle Towing

If you’re into fixing-up cars or have a project car stuck in your garage, at some point you’ll need to move these. The hitch plus vehicle trailer combo is the way to go.

Reasons to Install a Hitch

Transporting Snow Sport Gear

Carrying the gear for snow sports and water sports can be tough, even in a truck. Make use of towing accessories like cargo carriers and snow sport carriers to transport these safely.

Moving Large Items

Unless you have super strength, hauling around appliances or large electronics is not easy. It’s especially hard to lift these into the bed of a truck. So, for the times you need to pick up any of these, you’ll want to rent a trailer instead. These have a lower deck height and some have ramps. But again, you can’t tow a trailer without first installing a hitch. Sure you can rent a pickup truck or borrow one from a friend, but if you’re the kind of person who participates or plans on participating in any of the mentioned activities, it’s more efficient and cost-effective to install a hitch on your car.

Reasons to Install a Hitch