How to Maximize Valentine’s Day Deliveries

Jan 30, 2016

valentine's day florist delivery

The biggest lovey-dovey day of the year is just around the corner, and many businesses have loads of Valentine’s Day gifts to deliver. For the most efficient deliveries this year–whether it be in the form of chocolates, flowers, wine or boxed gifts–having a business account will give you a leg up in spreading the love this Valentine’s Day.

When order requests start rolling in during the weeks and days leading up to February 14th, it’s time to rent a U-Haul cargo van, truck or trailer (and safely package the items with handy moving supplies) to get your deliveries done in a timely manner.

Go to the source.

Sign up for a corporate account with U-Haul to make your business deliveries simple and efficient. From there, you can save time and money when you rent the equipment and supplies you need to expand your business.

Find the perfect equipment.

If you’re a vendor working with store owners to fill shelves with Valentine’s Day gifts galore, enlist the help of a U-Haul cargo van to get all your merchandise delivered in advance. Cargo vans are perfect for business deliveries. Florists are also sure to be booked making deliveries this Valentine’s Day. Use a U-Haul truck to hold your safely packed vases and ensure the flowers soak up the sunshine while being carted around to avoid wilting. To maximize all future business deliveries, open a U-Haul Corporate Account and make it your new favorite system for growing your business!

Manage your account online.

Reserve any equipment and supplies you’ll need to keep your delivery schedule on track by logging on to your online account and navigating to the products you’re looking for. The easy online portal helps maximize your efficiency as an individual or a business–so with plenty of sales opportunities this Valentine’s Day, stay on top of things using your online U-Haul account.

Expedite the payment.

No cash or credit card is needed in store–employees can simply visit a U-Haul store to get equipment and supplies and pay using their corporate account number. The business account is then billed, so it’s an easy way to eliminate giving employees a company credit card or petty cash.

Put a personal touch on your deliveries.

Your customers will remember your brand if you stamp your own TLC onto your deliveries.

Take extra care with breakables.

The Valentine’s Day staple gift often comes in the form of breakables. Snow globes, picture frames, flower vases, bottles of wine, you name it–risk shattering en route to a lucky recipient’s house. Protect your merchandise with bubble wrap and packing peanuts to be sure your customers are satisfied with their fully intact gifts! For photo frames, use a Picture Packing Kit to ensure pristine corners and no cracks in the glass.

Rent a utility dolly to make fewer trips to and from the truck.

Whether you’re delivering chocolates, flowers, wine, stuffed animals or other keepsakes, use extra care when hauling boxes by utilizing a utility dolly. You’ll save your back from injuries while also maximizing your efficiency.

Your customers are sure to remember your brand this Valentine’s Day if your delivery operations are at maximum productivity levels.

How do you maximize your business’s Valentine’s Day deliveries? Let us know in the comments below! 


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