Moving Tape 101: Getting to Know Your Adhesive Ally

Welcome to Moving Tape 101, your comprehensive guide to the world of tape. You may scoff and ask, “Why do I need a guide for tape? Seems pretty simple to me!” Well if that’s what you’re thinking; frankly, you’re wrong. Leave your preconceived notions at the door, because you’re about to experience a level of adhesive knowledge you didn’t even realize was possible. All aboard the tape train, because it’s about to get sticky in here.

Shipping Tape vs. Moving Tape, What’s the Difference?

Shipping tape may look very similar to moving tape, but only a novice would mistake one for the other. Why? Let me break it down for you.

Moving Tape 101

Moving tape is specifically designed with storage and movers in mind. While shipping tape is great for its purpose, the extra adhesive is just not necessary and will cause more frustration than benefit. Next time you’re at a packing party, throw some of those facts down. You’ll be the talk of the town… Guaranteed.

How Much Tape is Too Much Tape?

Some would tell you there’s no such thing as too much tape…

Utter nonsense.

A seasoned taper knows that less is best. U-Haul’s moving boxes, in particular, are designed with this concept in mind. Their extra strength cardboard only requires one strip of tape on top and one strip of tape on the bottom. Now if you’re an aggressive taper you can feel free to get trigger happy with that tape gun… but once you get a bit more experience under your belt, you’ll see the light.

Taping 2.0 – Necessity, Convenience, and Elegance; All in One Package

As with any other skill, once you get the basics of taping down you can begin to explore the endless possibilities provided by your newfound prowess. Could tape really get any better than the old standby our grandparents knew and loved? Hold on to your packing peanuts, you’re about to enter the new age of tape-ology.

Taping 101

It’s called Smart Move Tape, and it’s what all the cool kids are using these days. Want to tape your box up AND identify which room that box belongs in at the same time? Then look no further. What will you do with all the time and money you save? That’s for you to decide, but just don’t forget the unsung hero that made it possible. Smart Move Tape.

Do you have a passion for adhesives and wisdom to share? Let’s talk tape in the comments!