Moving to Albuquerque

Driving to AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque is a unique and popular city.  It seems to run on its own time schedule and enjoys a slower city life than a city like New York or Chicago.  Many people like to relocate to the ABQ to find time to center themselves and enjoy life’s moments.  If the hippie angle does not excite you. Albuquerque is also home to many technology companies, Sandia National Laboratories, and Kirtland Air Force Base, offering an array of job opportunities.  Here are some helpful tips for moving to Albuquerque.


When people relocate to Albuquerque they are surprised by the weather.  The city actually gets all four seasons and has 310 days of sunshine a year.  Not exactly what you would expect from a city in the southwest!  It is a mild, dry climate with very low humidity.  Basically, the weather is enjoyable, but make sure you drink enough water and use sunscreen in this dry, sunny weather!

Cost of Living

According to AreaVibes the cost of living in Albuquerque is 4% lower than the national average, meaning that it is less expensive to live here than most places in the United States.  The average cost of utilities is 12% lower than in most cities.  Groceries are about 3% more expensive than most cities, but I guess when you are saving on housing, utilities, healthcare, and your goods and services, you don’t really bat an eye at paying a little extra on groceries.  The value of $100 in the ABQ is around $105, which means your money goes further.

Best Time to Move

One of the many motto’s Albuquerque has is “You don’t choose Albuquerque, Albuquerque chooses you.”  So, you should move there whenever the mood hits you.  If you are not comfortable driving in snow, I would consider moving in the spring, summer or early fall to avoid possible snow during your move.  There is not much rain or other issues with moving.

Albuquerque is a great city to live with a lot to do like museums, art galleries, the Sandia SkyTram and of course, eat some ABQ chiles!  If Albuquerque chooses you, visit here to help with your move.