How To Transport Your Dirt Bike

There are a variety of ways to transport dirt bikes. Whether your journey is across town or across the country we’ve got you covered on how to safely transport your precious cargo.

transporting your dirt bike

Here at U-Haul, we recommend utilizing our motorcycle trailer or 5×9 utility trailer to transport your dirt bike. If you would like to keep your dirt bike covered check out our enclosed  5×8 and 6×12 cargo trailers.

Long Distance or In Town Move

Motorcycle trailers are best for transporting your dirt bike across town since they’re small, easy to tow and required to be dropped off at the same pick-up location.

The 5×9 utility trailer, 5×8 cargo trailer and 6×12 cargo trailer are best for long distance moves since you can rent the trailer at one location and drop it off at another U-Haul location.

Transporting your dirt bike

Now that you’ve decided on which trailer to use you can go ahead and start the process of loading your dirt bike onto your trailer. Two people working together to load the dirt bike will make the process easier but it is possible to load your dirt bike alone.

  • You’ll need tie down straps to ensure your bike does not shift en route. If you want added protection you can use soft-strap extenders.
    1. Before loading the bike into the trailer, lay the straps on the floor of the trailer and connect one end to the corner of the trailer. (This will prevent the bike from falling when trying to attach all the straps)
    2. Have one person stabilize the bike while the other ties it down. If you’re doing this alone then you will have to put the kickstand down and strap down the front of the bike on each side till it is upright on its own.
      • Place two straps in the front by weaving through the lower triple trees (the part that connects the bike’s front wheel and axle to its frame). Make sure each side is secure but not too tight or else you run the risk of damaging the hydraulic forks.
      • Both the motorcycle trailer and 5×9 trailer come equipped with a built-in motorcycle chock to secure your front wheel. For the enclosed 5×8 and 6×12 trailers, you can purchase the motorcycle chock.
    3. Secure the back of your bike by attaching ratchet straps on the swingarm or rear frame.
      • If the swingarm or frame is not suitable then loop the ratchet straps around the back tire.
    4.  Finally, double check all the ratchet straps are evenly secured. Each ratchet strap should be closed and any excess length of the strap tied up.

What tips can you share on transporting dirt bikes? Share your tips and stories in the comment section.