21 Tips For An Easy Move

Mar 17, 2016

Moving Day… Two words that can leave any novice mover with dread. Moving from your previous home to your new abode can seem like an overwhelming challenge. Leave the nervousness and days of stress behind with preparation, packing, and then perform. Take the mayhem out of moving with these tips that will make any do-it-yourself move a breeze. Here are 21 tips for an easy move:

21 Tips For An Easy Move

1. Change of Address

Home is where the heart is– and where your mail is delivered. Be sure to notify the post office a month in advance of your new address to ensure your mail follows you from your old residence to new. You can save a trip to the post office and complete the form entirely online. Also update your address with your doctor, magazine subscriptions, and employers.

2. Organize Documents

Organization is key when it comes to moving and it is very important to have all your documents like birth certificates, registrations, etc filed away. Try using the file box, which is specifically designed for business or personal records.

3. Lighten your Load

The less to pack means the less to carry, and more time and money saved. Moving is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to unwanted clutter. Donate, sell, and discard items that you do not want to bring. Having trouble deciding what goes and what stays? The rule of thumb is if you have not used it in more than a year than you do not need to bring it to your new home.

4. Gather Supplies

The right moving supplies can make all the difference in your move. Save both time and money by making your first trip to get supplies your only trip. Avoid underestimating by using the moving supply calculator to determine what you need.

5. Go Green

Go green with your move and take a step toward protecting your main home– planet Earth. Moving boxes are made study can be used over and over again. Reusing eliminates the need to buy new items and prevents waste before it is thrown away or recycled. Stop by your local U-Haul center to the Take a Box, Leave a Box. After your move is concluded you can drop your boxes off for someone else to reuse for someone else looking for some moving tips.

6. Reserve Your Truck Rental

Reserve your moving truck in advance! On moving day you are guaranteed to get the equipment, location and pickup time you booked or you will receive $50. Every move is unique and requires a different moving truck. To see which moving truck you need for your move, click here.

7. Schedule

If your move permits, try to schedule it during the week day. Weekends tend to be the busiest amidst movers and businesses such as bank, government agencies, and utilities tend to be closed. Moving during the week will not only save you time and money, but has more services open in the event you run into unforeseen circumstances.

21 Tips For An Easy Move

8. Prepare Moving Day Kit

Pack a box of essentials that you will need on moving day. This should include supplies that you will need early in your move like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, a change of clothes, toiletries and any medication. This open first bag should be loaded last in your moving truck so it is the first box you access.

9. Pack with Principle

You may be overwhelmed and not know where to start when it comes to packing. Remember to pack with principle — start with out of season items, then move to infrequently used items, and then pack the items you used most last. Packing in this order will help prevent packing and unpacking certain items multiple times before your move.

10. Label Everything

There is nothing more frustrating than digging through multiple boxes looking for something. Save yourself valuable time and energy by labeling all of your moving boxes. By taking the guess work out of packing you and your moving helpers will know exactly where each box belongs and which to group together. Moving Labels are color coordinated and can easily be seen. You can also try smart moving tape as a way to both label and seal all of your boxes.

11. Protect Valuables

Every mover wants to get their beloved possessions from point A to point B damage free. Move your valuables without worry with the right moving supplies. If you are moving fragile or heavy items like electronics, sculptures or glass, then wrap your item in Enviro-bubble®. For furniture and appliances cover up with furniture pads to avoid to wear and tear of moving.

12. Heavy or Fragile Items

Now that you know how to protect your heavy or fragile items from previous tips, it would be helpful to know what to pack them in. The answer is a small box. Small moving boxes are ideal for moving and storing heavy or dense items for easy handling. When loading into your moving truck be sure to place fragile items in the Mom’s Attic.

13. Lightweight and Medium Weight Goods

Large  boxes are perfect for your lightweight items like clothing, lampshades and comforters. Lighter, larger boxes should be stacked on top of heavier items to balance the load.

14. Storage Options

Are you packing items that will go directly into storage? Try using clear, storage containers that are perfect for seasonal or lightly used items. These containers are stack-able which means easy to load in your moving truck and easy to load into storage.

21 Tips For An Easy Move

15. Pick Up Your Rental Early

Staring your move early is the most efficient way to get in and get it done. Picking up your equipment and supplies early keeps you on schedule and track, and will guarantee you retrieve exactly what you ordered.

16. Rent a Dolly for Heavy Lifting

Save your back and let your moving friend do the heavy lifting for you. Multiple trips up and down the ramp of  your moving truck can leave you feeling sore the next day. A dolly can alleviate that and make loading your truck easier.

17. Load Items You Need First, Last

The last items loaded into the moving truck will be the first ones unpacked once you arrive. This should include your moving kit that you packed and a change of clothes.

18. Secure Boxes with Tie Downs

Make sure to tie down and secure your cargo before driving the moving truck to your new destination. this will prevent shifting or any damage while the vehicle is moving. Use the tie down rails on the sides of the truck to secure the tiers in place.

19. Heavier Items Towards the Front

Load heavier items towards the front of the moving truck to keep the load balanced. Items like furniture and appliances work best closest to the cab.

20. Switch Your Utilities

Make sure to set up the utilities in your new home to make a smooth transition. This includes electricity, water, cable and internet.

21. Meet Your Neighbors

Now that your moving truck is unloaded with these easy move tips and you are finally in your new home it is time to meet the people around you– just in case you need to borrow some sugar. While baked goods work well, a simple knock on the door and introduction can do the trick.

Do you know any tips that will make moving easier? We would like to hear! Share in the comments below.


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