How Not to Move

How not to move

Have you ever seen that car driving down the road with stuff piled high into the sky and think “I would never move like that.” I know I have. That being said, Every time I move I pile my stuff high to the ceiling in my moving truck and think. “I truly am a master at moving! I know how to move!” I think I have racked up near 20 plus moves between helping parents and friends, or myself. Over the years I have figured out a few things and want to share them with you here.

Uhaulfamous - Letting your buddies help

Let your buddies help

Now this option is a no brainer for those fresh out of college moves or maybe when you move into your first house. Now that I am wiser, I prefer not to ask my buddies for help. I won’t turn it away if they offer, but I stopped actively asking for help quite a while ago.

A better option is to look for professionals to help with your move. Using Moving Help is affordable and they help with just what you need help with. If you are looking for packing, they can do that. If you need help with loading and unloading – they got you.

Overpack those boxes

One of the biggest things I have been trying to get across to my wife is that just because it’s a big box, doesn’t mean you can pack it full of stuff and write the word “Heavy” on it. I almost threw my back out in my last move! I suggest using the medium box for heavier items, but only fill it about 2/3rds full and fill it the rest of the way with lighter items. These boxes are a wonder in the Mom’s Attic as you can easily stack 2 high and 5 across – It’s like they made these boxes for that space.

Go dumpster diving

Being a frugal kid myself, I can appreciate a good value. I can’t count how many times I have gone driving around or asked around to see where and who I can get boxes from. Have you been in a similar situation? Next time check out the U-Haul Reuse Program or the fact that they have a buyback guarantee so you know you won’t be wasting extra boxes. The take a box, leave a box in the store allows you to grab a box that someone else has already used – Free. I would suggest returning the boxes you don’t need or when you are done with them so others can do the same thing. You may want to call beforehand to see if there are boxes available before you head down.

Loading the moving truckHow not to use furniture pads?

As I stated earlier I feel like I am a wizard at truck loading so I want to provide some tips for you. First, don’t just let everyone that is moving (If you aren’t hiring pros) help load the truck. You will do yourself a huge favor by assigning one person the “Truck Loading Man or Woman” It is this person’s responsibility to make sure all the heavy stuff is loaded first toward the front of the truck and the lighter stuff toward the back. Stack those Medium boxes in the Mom’s Attic. Also, they should tie down anything that you want to prevent from shifting during your drive. Don’t forget about those furniture pads – they are great for providing protection to that curio cabinet or dresser, or place them in between loose boxes to create a snug fit. And when you are all done, you can take them to a ball game to use as a blanket before they are due back.

These are just a few tips that I have for you today. If you need more or want to see more – comment below!