How to Save Time on Your Move

How To Save Time

Moving is considered a major milestone in life. Whether you are embarking on your seventh or preparing for your first, everyone knows that moving is a daunting task that can take a lot of time. Did you know that with the proper planning and equipment you can save time during your move? Throw procrastination and inefficiency out the window, load up your moving truck, and hit the road to your new home and new beginnings. Use these tips to save time with a productive, hassle-free move.

How To Save Money Make a Moving Checklist

The best way to save time on your move is to make a plan and to stick to it. About two months prior to moving day, make a week by week checklist of tasks that need to be completed in anticipation for your move. Keep in mind that the time near moving day is precious, and you will appreciate getting as much as you can out of the way ahead of time. Do not let procrastination make more work for you last minute.

Save TimeLighten Your Load

Fewer things to pack and transport means less time it will take to complete your move. Using this logic, your relocation is the perfect opportunity to rid your belongings of things you do not need or no longer use. Donate, discard or sell items that do not have a place in your new home. If your inner pack-rat is holding onto items you should let go, look at it as a fresh start and a chance to make new memories with new items elsewhere.

Save TimePack Like A Pro

Packing your life up in cardboard boxes can seem like a never ending job. Help yourself save time by properly labeling each moving box so you know exactly where each box is going and what is in it. This will save you lots of time when you are unloading your boxes into your new home. Try using color-coordinated moving labels or smart move tape to take the guessing out of moving.

Save TimeHire Moving Help

DIY is an empowering, cost-effective way to move– but sometimes you need a helping hand. Save time during your move by leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals. Avoid wasting precious time and money with shady moving companies and count on Moving Help for, you guessed it, moving help! Go online to select the type of service, number of helpers, and hire! You will receive the exact price for the services before you hire, and do not have to pay until after your move is complete to your liking.

Save Time Order All Your Supplies Online

Have you ever heard the saying “Measure twice and cut once?” This applies to your move– avoid the moving day madness of running out of packing tape as you go to seal your last few boxes. If you want to save yourself multiple trips back and forth to the store, use the moving supply calculator to determine exactly what you need. After you input your items and room information, you have the option to have your supplies sent to you or picked up at your local U-Haul center.

Save TimeMap your Route

Whether your move takes you to the next town or a road trip across the country, it is smart to plan the best route possible ahead of time. This cuts back time on your move not only by knowing which freeways and streets are most efficient, but also prevents you from getting lost or hitting unexpected delays. It is nice to have a paper map with the marked route for back up just in case your GPS system glitches or your smartphone loses service.

Save TimeMoving Survival Kit to Save Time

A move is not complete without a moving day survival kit. Do not waste time unpacking your packed items looking for something you need. Instead, pack a bag full of items that you will need first during your move. This should include a change of clothes, toiletries, chargers, and cleaning supplies. Pack this last in your moving truck so it will be the first thing you can get to.

Do you have any tips that helped save time during your move? We would love to hear! Share in the comments below.