Keeping Your Cat Calm on Moving Day

Mar 30, 2016

Keeping Your Cat Calm on Moving Day (2)

Cats and road trips don’t often mesh well.  Unlike dogs–who gleefully leap into the car and enjoy sticking their head out the window and smile along the way–cats are leerier when it comes to getting in a small carrier and feeling the car drive over bumps or turns. That’s why it’s important to ensure your feline companion is cool and collected come moving day. Check out these tips on keeping your cat calm during a moving process, and you’re sure to get through the day without scratches or fuss!

Keep it familiar.

Cats crave independence, so being tugged along for the ride to your new place in a moving truck is the last thing on your cat’s to-do list. Give your cat something familiar–the usual cage for transport, his or her favorite toy, some catnip in the carrier to keep him or her from getting hungry along the way, etc. Perhaps line the crate with the cat’s favorite blanket or plush pillow to deliver a comfortable ride.

Keep close.

Stay close by during moving day; your cat doesn’t want to feel abandoned. Use talk and touch to comfort your furry friend throughout the day, and don’t wander too far when loading and unloading your boxes and furniture. Your cat will feel most comfortable if you take short breaks from the moving process and pay attention to your pet!

Maintain good air circulation.

Keeping air flowing through the vehicle and in the pet carrier is necessary to keep your cat calm during moving day. An overheated environment for your pet is not only stressful for your cat but also dangerous. Also, schedule plenty of breaks if it’s a particularly long car ride. If you need to stop and clean out the litter box, make sure your cat is locked in the restroom with you and cannot run out.

Keep pet supplies stocked for the ride.

Litter, catnip, snacks, etc. are essential to keeping your cat calm. If your cat is still jittery or stressed after you have done everything in your power to calm him or her down, try giving your cat a few drops of Rescue Remedy (which can be found at health food stores). It’s a natural remedy that works to balance emotional levels and reduce stress.

Get your cat acclimated to a new place.

Your cat has already endured a bumpy car ride, and the next step is to get used to a new home or apartment. Set up his or her toys, climbing posts, litter box, and food bowl so he or she can get acquainted with the house while you unpack your boxes and furniture throughout the day.

Moving day is no cake walk. It could be even more taxing if your furry friend is unhappy or stressed out, so follow these tips to keep your kitty stress-free throughout moving day!

Do you have any tips for keeping your cat calm during car rides? Let us know in the comments section below!


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