Why Should I Buy a Mirror or Picture Box?

Two Picture BoxesYou may not have a Monet or Dali hanging on your wall, but your artwork and pictures are just as valuable to you than anything. When it comes time to move, you may be the person that removes everything from the walls first, or they might be the last things you pack. If you are the type of person that wants to “get in the moving spirit” and remove everything from your walls. I might suggest preparing your packing process with a picture box. Doing so, will make sure they stay safe while you are getting all your stuff ready for the move – leaning all your pictures up against the wall waiting for moving day will inevitably lead to a dresser bumping into the frame, scratching or puncturing the artwork. Depending on how much protection you wish for your pictures you may only need a few picture boxes for all your frames, or if you want to adding padding in between each one, you may only get one or two in each box.

Why Should I Buy a Mirror or Picture Box?

Picture Box Features

  • The picture boxes hold up to 65 pounds
  • These boxes are acid neutral, but not acid free
  • These Picture boxes are sturdy enough for shipping
  • The boxes are built similar to any other standard moving box being a one piece design, making it easy to build


Why Should I Buy a Mirror or Picture Box?Measurements

  • 37″ x 4″ x 27″ – (2.3 cu / ft) This is the inside measurement
  • Have a large painting or mirror? Turn these bad boys on their side for additional size



Why Should I Buy a Mirror or Picture Box?Additional Considerations

  • If you are traveling in an open trailer, consider wrapping your boxes with stretch wrap for added weather protection
  • This item pairs perfectly with the picture packing kit which provides additional protection for your artwork, picture, or mirror during your move. The kit allows frames up to 2 inches thick.



What tips do you have for moving and packing pictures, paintings, or mirrors? Share with us in the comments