Living in Mesa, AZ

Living in Mesa, AZ

As the third-largest city in Arizona (second to Phoenix and Tucson), Mesa welcomes many tourists and permanent residents alike. Living in Mesa offers enriching activities, cultural experiences, sporting events and dining option. Check out these tips and suggestions for living in Mesa.

Things to Do

Living in Mesa offers a multitude of things to see and experience around town. You’ll find more than 2,280 acres of park land within the city, so it’s an ideal destination for those who enjoy the outdoors. Stop by the Arizona Museum of Natural History to catch a glimpse of dinosaur bones, or the Commemorative Air Force Aviation Museum to appease the airplane enthusiasts out there. The Mesa Arts Center also offers frequent concerts, plays and classes for the public to enjoy. Bookworms, too, can rejoice: the Mesa Public Library provides plenty of reading material and classes. If you’re craving an archaeological outing, swing by the Mesa Grande Cultural Park to see ruins from a 900-year-old Hohokam village.


Sports fans planning on living in Mesa: catch a spring training game for the Oakland A’s at the Hohokam Stadium or the Chicago Cubs at Sloan Park! Mesa offers world-renowned golf courses, so bring some friends and play a round or two at the Mesa Country Club or the Dobson Ranch Golf Course. For fun, family-friendly activities, visit one of several rec centers around the city, or in the summer months, Golfland Sunsplash is a popular water park (and nearly a necessity in the Arizona summer heat).


It makes sense that the third-largest city in Arizona provides residents and visitors with top-notch dining options. Mesa’s restaurant scene is an eclectic mix of various ethnic flavors and fun for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican or southwest, Italian or Greek, or classic American cuisine–you’re in for a tasty night out when living in Mesa. Visit a dinner theater if you want your meal to be a show–try out the Dutton’s Family Theater or a Wild West-themed show at Barleen’s Arizona Opry Theater or Rockin’ R Ranch! For Italian dining, your best bet is Alessia’s Ristorante Italiano, and if you’re seeking some classic Southwest dishes, try the Blue Adobe Grille. You can’t go wrong on the search for fine dining when living in Mesa!


Founded in the late 1800s by Mormon pioneers, Mesa is home to a large percentage of Mormon families as well as a diverse overall populace. Before the Mormon settlers–about 2,000 years ago–the Hohokam were living in Mesa and they built an intricate canal system that is still used today in some areas. The area is rich in culture, from its museums and educational activities to its archaeological sites.

Living in Mesa will keep you entertained, busy and well-fed! If you’re considering moving to Mesa, you can use this list to make your schedule all penciled in!

Are you a current Mesa resident or are you planning on living in Mesa? Leave tips for newcomers in the comments below!

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