Why You Need a Rooftop Carrier

Rooftop carrier

Packing up the car for a move or road trip? Need a little bit more room, but don’t need a full trailer to haul the rest? Strap on a rooftop carrier, and you’re on your way to maximum car-loading efficiency.

Equipped with 15 cubic feet of storage space atop your vehicle, the rooftop carrier is ideal for camping trips, road trips, quick moving projects and hauling outdoor equipment. This cargo carrier is equipped with adjustable straps and eight tie-down points, two for each side of the vehicle’s four-way roof rack (a necessity to be paired with this carrier). This delivers a reliable container for your belongings–and here’s why you need one.

Ample Size

When even a 4′ X 8′ cargo trailer is too large for the items you’re transporting, a rooftop carrier will fit just what you need when you’re out of space in your car. The carrier measures 36″ X 36″ X 18″, so it provides just enough extra space for whatever items do not fit in the car. Even a smaller suitcase can be zipped up inside the rooftop cargo carrier, in the event that you’re out of trunk space on moving day. To check for your vehicle’s weight capacity, check your


There’s another option aside from the traditional weather-resistant rooftop carrier–a waterproof one. Even during the rainiest of rides, this will safely protect your items along the road. This style of cargo carrier is fashioned with waterproof tarpaulin material and heat-sealed seams to ensure that no moisture enters. Both styles of the rooftop cargo carriers are crafted with durable straps and the material is easy to fold flat for efficient storing. The waterproof carrier can withstand the elements–sun, rain, snow, hail–so you can drive without any worries in mind about your precious cargo!


From fishing tackle boxes and camping or rock climbing gear to shoe boxes and the kids’ toys, the rooftop cargo carrier’s flexible fabric allows for the storage and transport of a variety of items. The rooftop carrier fits most sizes of vehicles, so whether you have a Jeep roof rack or a truck roof rack, the carrier is designed to fit an array of cars. Because it can be folded easily for storage, you can keep it in the car until you need it; whether you’re on vacation with a few too many souvenirs, at the beach with towels and snorkel gear to cart home–the rooftop carrier is reliable and will save you some extra car space!

Avoid storing fragile or weather-sensitive items (such as food or electronics) inside the rooftop carrier. Remember, you’ll need a roof rack to strap the cargo carrier down–so gear up before you head out on your next excursion!

If you’re hitting the road and don’t need the cargo size of a trailer or truck, but you do need some extra space for items that can fit within the 36″ X 36″ X 18″ dimensions, this is the gadget for you!

How would you put your rooftop cargo carrier to good use? Let us know in the comments section below!