Moving Timeline Infographic

Moving day is upon us! What seems like plenty of time to pack up your old home and transition to your new is in fact the opposite. Trust me when I say, it will pass at the blink of an eye. Do not let procrastination knock on your door.

It is never too early to begin preparing for your move. There are many moving pieces that need to be arranged, so you want time and organization on your side. Moving veterans and novices alike find that a complete moving timeline is the best way to guarantee a smooth relocation. This moving timeline has been developed by experts who agree that these steps cannot be forgotten. Are you wondering when you should rent your moving truck or change your address?  Starting 8 weeks out, make sure you are properly prepared for an easy, stress-free move.

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moving timeline

This moving timeline is broken down week by week, making it easy to stay on track to moving day. 8 weeks may seem like a long time to start packing and getting your ducks in a row, but having specific tasks per week will help keep the stress down and more manageable.

Here are some other things to consider before your move:

  • Make change of address cards to inform friends and family of your new location. Do not forget to tell magazine subscriptions, former employers, social security offices, etc.
  • Contact pharmacy to transfer prescriptions to your local area.
  • Discard or give away all flammable materials because they cannot be moved. This includes paint, paint removers, etc.
  • If you are moving for employment, verify whether they cover moving expenses.

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