What to Bring on a Fishing Trip




June 18 is National Go Fishing Day, which means it’s a prime time to cast out your line and reel in some summer fun! Before you head out the door with your tackle box and poles, add these items to your fishing trip supply list. Unless you’re going the catch-and-release route, you’ll need some quality cooking supplies to perfect your favorite recipe after a successful day of fishing.

Non-Stick Fish Basket

The non-stick fish basket is ideal for grilling your catch of the day. The basket is about 13″ long for plenty of space for the fresh fish, and it’s equipped with a 9″ handle for a solid grip.

Triple Fish Basket

Also a non-stick product, the triple fish basket offers enough room to hold three fish. A simple locking mechanism safely holds the fillets in place, while a wooden handle prevents heat conduction to your hand when holding the basket. Its long handle protects you from the grill’s sizzling surface. Like the single-fish basket, the non-stick feature will keep your grilling adventure clean!

Fish Spatula

The stainless steel fish spatula makes it simple to flip the fillets as they grill. It features a wider head than the typical spatula, which makes it suitable for clamping fish fillets. The spatula’s design is polished to prevent rust and corrosion, and it’s specialized for delicate foods–so it will keep your fishing trip (and subsequent cooking exploits) mess-free. It comes with a built-in bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold brew with your fish meal!


The first key to cooking your catch of the day is firing up the grill–and propane will do the trick! Your portable U-Haul propane tank is easy to bring along on your fishing trip, and it’s essential for grilling your meal to perfection.

Grip Tongs

Although the stainless steel fish spatula will assist you from start to finish in grilling the fish, you may want to toss some extras on the grill: beans, bell peppers, lemon slices–anything that goes well with a fish entrée. And for this task, you’ll want a pair of grip tongs to maneuver the smaller-sized food as it grills. The tongs measure 18″ long and taper toward the bottom for precise food handling.

These must-have supplies are guaranteed to keep your next fishing trip both efficient and delicious! For more tips on grilling fish, click here–and, on your next trip, may the fish be with you!

(Flickr: Michio Morimoto / via CC)

What will you bring on your next fishing trip? Let us know in the comments below!