Creating a Bullet Journal Moving Inventory

Anyone who has moved before knows that moving can be a chaotic process, especially the packing and unpacking part. It can be very frustrating trying to find that one item after you’ve moved, but you can’t remember what box you packed it in. But, there’s a way to avoid this moving madness. Create a box inventory! And, the perfect place to put it is in your bullet journal.

(For more information on bullet journals, check out these posts about bullet journal moving collections and using a “BuJo” to help plan your move.) Don’t have a bullet journal? No worries. Just grab any notepad you have, and start logging each box you pack.

Option A: Numbered inventory by room

This option will most likely please more minimalist bullet journal users. You’ll need an abundance of thick black markers for labeling your boxes with their respective numbers. Tip: Make sure the number is visible on all four vertical sides of the box in addition to the top of the box. It will be easier to find the box you’re looking for.

Here’s how this method and the next one might look in your bullet journal. And, don’t worry if you don’t have a floor plan for your house. You can sketch one, or just write it out like an inventory list.

bullet journal moving inventory ideas 1

Option B: Color-coded inventory

u-haul moving labelsFor those bullet journal “junkies” who love adding color to their BuJo, this method is probably for you. Assign each room a color, including closets, bathrooms, garage, etc. Or, color code by category if you choose to do it that way. For example, bathrooms – blue, bedrooms – orange, closets – green, etc.

This method works perfectly with this smart move tape or moving labels which clearly identify which room each box should go in.

Option C: Numbered inventory by item

This method will appeal to movers who choose to group by item size rather than room. These movers frequently pack items from various places around their homes into one box. (My method of choice.)

bullet journal moving inventory ideas 2

Now, I wasn’t into the whole bullet journal scene the last time I moved, so I didn’t get a chance to use these methods. If I could only turn back the clock. But, I hope these ideas help you make the packing and unpacking process less like a warped game of hide and seek.

If you try using a bullet journal to inventory your moving boxes, please leave your thoughts and tips in the comments section. We’d love to hear what worked for you!