How to Protect Your Floors When You Move


When moving into a new house or an apartment, the last thing you want to do is damage anything before you’ve even had the chance to move in. Or if you’re moving out of a rental, it would be frustrating to lose out on your security deposit due to a preventable mistake. Carpet, tile or hardwood flooring is often times a selling point or desirable feature when searching for a home and could be costly to replace. Here’s how to protect your floors when you move!

How to Protect Your Floors When You MoveCover Your Floors

One of the most simple ways to protect your carpet is by covering it up! You can use Carpet Film Protector as a temporary fix. It’s easy to roll out and can even be recycled for other activities like painting. Since you’re already moving, surely you have plenty of moving boxes lying around. You can also use those to protect your hardwood floors or tile just by flattening the boxes out and taping them down. Another easy way to keep your floors free of any scuffs or dirt from your shoes or dolly is by covering your floor with tarp.

How to Protect Your Floors When You MoveSlide Heavy Items Out

Once you’ve got the floor covered, you can place EZ Moves™ Furniture Sliders underneath heavy objects, such as couches, refrigerators, washers and dryers, entertainment centers, bookshelves and more! Just lift the furniture slightly to insert the sliders in each corner, then begin pushing or pulling! The sliders easily grip the furniture and apply upward pressure to keep them in place. Furniture pads are another great tool to use when sliding or moving furniture. Lay furniture pads on the ground to keep your floors protected from dirt or damage and use them to move large, heavy items.

How to Protect Your Floors When You MoveHire Professionals

If you’re even the slightest bit concerned about your ability to safely move your furniture without causing damage, we suggest hiring professional movers to help you get the job done. MovingHelp® allows you to find and hire local movers that meet your moving date and time. You provide the moving truck and they’ll do all the heavy lifting! Bonus: Moving Helpers have  the best moving hacks for the most efficient and cleanest moving experience. Check out some of their professional moving hacks below:

Do you have any tips or suggestions for protecting your carpet, tile or hardwood floors? If so, leave them in the comments section below!