Moving to Princeton University


Are you ready to attend the same university as 41 Nobel laureates, two U.S. presidents, and 12 U.S. Supreme Court Justices?  Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university located in Princeton, New Jersey.  It was founded in 1746, making it the fourth-oldest college in the United States!  Study up on this campus and moving details before you become a Tiger!


Princeton undergraduate students choose between 37 academic paths in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.  They graduate with one of two degrees:

1. Bachelor of Arts.  Students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts at Princeton focus on general education requirements in their first two years.  After doing this and taking prerequisites in their desired emphasis, they select one of 31 areas of concentration before junior year.  There are also more than 53 certificate programs in areas like jazz studies, linguistics, and neuroscience.

2. Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  The School of Engineering and Applied Science offers this degree.  The school’s website says its goal is to educate leaders who can solve world problems.  Engineering students take classes in computing, mathematics, and the physical sciences while also completing general requirements in the humanities and social sciences.  Before sophomore year, students choose the concentration they’d like to take advanced courses in later on.

On Campus

Princeton’s campus sits on 500 acres of green grass and tree-lined streets.  The school guarantees undergraduate housing for all four years in its residential colleges (dorms).  The six colleges are the hub of student life, as they contain:on campus

  • dormitories
  • dining halls
  • common rooms
  • academic spaces
  • arts and entertainment
  • academic advising
  • residential advising (upperclassmen/graduate students)

Though the colleges are separate, they still come together as one community through social and sporting events.

Getting involved at Princeton is a piece of cake with about 300 student-run organizations on campus.  You can join in on activities like dance, media, music, theater, student government, religious organizations, and more.  Outside of your residential college, the Princeton area also has many resources like restaurants, shops, athletic events, and arts venues.

Moving to Princeton Universitymoving

You probably have enough on your mind now that you’re moving to an Ivy League school.  Get rid of some of that stress with Collegeboxes!  All you have to do is pack up what you’d like to take with you to Princeton, and a courier will pick everything up at your home.  From there, one of our secure climate controlled storage facilities will house your items temporarily.  Then on move-in day, your belongings will be delivered right to your room!  If you prefer a total DIY move, U-Haul trucks or trailers are great resources.  Either way, you can focus more on your new life at the Princeton University campus.

 How successful was your move to Princeton?  Share with us in the comments below!

Photo: “Princeton Campus” by Filipe Fortes, used under CC BY-SA 2.0