Moving to Howard University

Jul 27, 2016


Veritas et Utilitas, or “Truth and Service” will be the new motto to live by when you move to Howard University.  Founded in 1867, Howard is a private research university located in Washington, D.C.  About 11,000 students study a wide variety of programs at Howard while also servicing many communities.  Read up on these Howard highlights and moving tips before your adventure begins!


Howard University has granted over 120,000 degrees and certificates in the arts, sciences, and humanities.  The Princeton Review ranked Howard’s business school #1 in opportunities for minorities.  The National Law Journal also listed Howard’s law school in the top 25 nationally.  Howard’s website notes its dedication to “educating students from diverse backgrounds at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.”

Thirteen schools and colleges make up Howard University:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Medicine
  • Social Work
  • Business
  • Divinity
  • Graduate School
  • Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Law
  • Pharmacy

Among these schools are over 120 areas of study, so you’ll probably find one that trips your trigger!  Howard students spend hundreds of hours every year servicing their community and places around the world.  They have done things like participate in the U.S. Peace Corps, as well as lead projects in Engineers Without Borders in Kenya and Brazil.

on campusOn Campus

Howard’s 256-acre campus is full of helpful resources.  Students can take advantage of a health center and hospital, multiple public safety programs, shuttle buses and a metro-rail station, spiritual and religious groups, counseling, and over 200 student organizations.  Housing on campus is split into 9 different locations.  Residence halls are equipped with a twin-size bed for each student, a desk and drawer chest, cable television, internet access, and local phone service.  Depending on the particular hall, they have amenities like convenience stores, computer labs, study rooms, television lounges, weight rooms, and more.  For specific amenities in each residence hall, click here.

There are all-female, all-male and co-ed residence halls at Howard:

    • Female (freshmen)
      • Tubman Quadrangle
      • College North
    • Male (freshmen)
      • Cook Hall
      • Drew Hall
    • Co-ed (upperclassmen)
      • Bethune Annex
      • Plaza Towers, West
      • Slowe Hall
      • College South
  • Graduate, Seniors & Honors (co-ed)
    • Plaza Towers, East

Moving to Howard Universitymthu

So you’re moving to an esteemed college just two miles away from the U.S. Capitol.  Exciting, right?  Well, don’t let the move bring your mood down.  If you’re dreading transporting all of your personal items to Howard, Collegeboxes is the service for you.  Simply pack up everything you’ll need in your new residence hall, and your boxes will be picked up at your home.  From there, they’ll be shipped to a secure climate controlled storage facility, and delivered to your room on the scheduled date!  This way, you can travel lightly and alleviate some stress–maybe even make a few stops on your way to Howard.  Another moving solution is to rent a U-Haul moving truck or trailer for your journey.  No one wants to squeeze into a packed car, especially for a long drive!

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