Things to Remember After a U-Haul Reservation is Made

U-Haul reservation

Free Storage

U-Haul offers free storage for 30 days (if it is available) to any customer who rents a one-way truck or a trailer. Did you know you can get the free storage at your originating city as well as your destination city? Many times someone may have to move out quickly before they are able to find a home in their new city, or need to finish some business before you head out of town. Once you make your reservation for a one way truck for your move, you can see if a unit is available to move the furniture into a storage unit until you are ready to move. It may be more work, but sometimes it’s the best option.

Use Proper Boxes

Use a Flat screen TV box! It fits TVs up to 70 inches for only $19.95. It is a great box and you can save it, for any time you want to move your TV around. Do not throw it away, I threw mine up in the attic. It protects one of the most precious items in your home.

Buy Online

Did you know you can buy boxes online through U-Haul and if you buy more than $50.00 we will deliver them for FREE? Have you ever tried loading $50 of boxes in a small car with a car seat and full trunk? If you are like me, you will take several trips down to your local store for more boxes, tape, etc. Do yourself a favor and order online!

Buy Back Guarantee

Oh, and while we are talking boxes, any boxes you buy at U-Haul and you do not use, we buy back at full price, just save your receipt. Also you can buy in bundles and save further!

Express Check-In

One of the best things I can share with you is to use Express Check-In. You have to do this online and you will be required to give your driver’s license information, birth date, and just a few other items. When you get to a U-Haul store you can be quickly processed and on your way!

Check with Your Insurance Company

Make sure you understand what kind of coverage you have for your items during your move if it’s personal or through an insurance company. U-Haul offers several coverage options for your peace in mind.

Driving Tips

U-Haul trucks are not 4 wheel drive, so they are not meant to be in any kind of off-road situation.  This can mean front yards, mud, sand, and snow. If you get stuck, you will have to pay the tow company to get you out. Be aware of where you are driving your moving truck.

Truck Safety

As a general rule you should always secure your truck with a lock and park under a light where possible. Just be aware and be smart. If you are traveling with 2 vehicles, block the U-Haul truck with the other vehicle as a precaution.

Packing Tips

Always use all your blankets, sheets, towels, curtains, etc. as fillers when packing boxes. You can use U-Haul furniture pads or packing paper if you need extra. No box is ever packed properly if you shake it and it makes noise.

Moving Propane Grills

If you have a propane grill and are going to be moving with your propane tanks, make sure you are transporting the tanks properly! If you want to be safe, look to see where you can dispose of your old tanks and buy new when you get to your new home.

Proper Loading

Always properly load your truck and trailer. You will want to load the heavy items in the front of the trailer or truck as it gives you a better ride and provides the most safety for your drive.

Proper Towing

If you are towing a car or trailer on a long move, make sure the hand wheel on the trailer is tight. If you have time and a U-Haul store is nearby, stop and ask them to check your towing connection. A few minutes on your stops is a great use of time to make sure your load is safe and secure.

Canadian Moves

For all my Canadian friends, eh! U-Haul is the only one-way truck and trailer company that serves all of Canada and allows our trucks and trailers to go into the U.S.


Make sure you return the truck back where the fuel gauge was when you left. This will be printed on your contract and will show you right below that how many gallons of gas you need to put into the truck before you return it.


Never throw boxes away. If you do not keep them, bring them to U-Haul Store nearby and put them in our Reuse area – Take a Box, Leave a Box. Let’s help our environment!

What things have you done after a U-Haul reservation that have helped with your move? We would love to add to this post to help our customers – Share in the comments below!