21 Tailgating Tools You Need in Your Life


It is that time of year again!  Football season is starting.  Whether you cheer on your college team or your hometown team, there is no better way to cheer than a tailgate party.  Tailgating is much more mainstream these days then it used to be.  Many celebrate football and their favorite team weekly.  The setups have become more and more intricate with all kinds of gadgets to use for cooking or playing.  Don’t be without an important necessity this tailgating season.  Below are the 21 tailgating tools you need in your life.

1You definitely need a propane tank or a few tanks to make tailgating successful!  Propane tanks can be used to heat the grill, heaters, a fire ring or even a smoker! If you already have a propane tank, refill or top off your tank at a refill station close to you!

Getting There

2Hitch: Installing a hitch will allow you to tow all your tailgating belongings with you to any game.

3Trailer: You may have a smaller vehicle, but with a trailer, you can still bring everything you need.  If tailgating isn’t something you do weekly you can rent one as needed.  PRO TIP: Rent a cargo trailer and use the covered trailer to house your drinks so they stay out of direct sunlight.

4Cargo Carriers: If a trailer is too big for your tailgating needs, try a cargo carrier.  It allows you to pack some extra items but is not as big as a trailer.

Rep Your Team

Grill Covers: If college sports are more your thing, use 6these grill covers to cheer your school on especially at those much anticipated rivalry games!

7NFL Hitch Covers: Use these NFL hitch receiver covers to support your team at a tailgating party or all over town!

 tailgating tools

Cooking while Tailgating

8Portable Gas Grill: If you aren’t grilling, it isn’t a tailgate.  A portable grill is a perfect size to get some food into everyone’s stomachs and then easily pack away for the next party.

9Digital Meat Thermometer: Just because you are grilling on the go doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice grilling a steak to perfection.  This thermometer will ensure you get medium and not well-done!

10Oil-less Turkey Fryer: This turkey fryer cooks a lot more than turkey.  Try chicken wings, ribs or even beer-can chicken!  This is also a safe option for frying as there is no oil.

11Smoker: If grilling isn’t your thing, try smoking the meat.  It will be a true crowd pleaser.  Plus this smoker can also roast or grill too.  Great for

Tailgating Accessories

12Propane Tank Holder: This keeps your tailgating space safe by stabilizing the propane tank.


Food Tents: No need to share with the bugs. Use these and keep them away from your goodies.

14Grilling Glove: If you like to be hands-on with your food try a glove.  It is safe from the heat and easy to cook with!

15Grilling Tongs: Don’t forget the grilling necessities like tongs!  Everyone needs these at a tailgate party.

17Grill Brush: Make sure you clean up your grill before bringing it home.  Then it is ready for the next game and doesn’t get your vehicle dirty.


Fridge Pouch: This neat thing can be placed in a box with ice and keep your drinks or food cold.

Keep Warm

19Fire Ring: This portable fire ring is safe to use and easy to travel with.  It even has a bag to carry it to every tailgate party.


Portable Heater: This heater and a bowl of chili are all that is needed to keep you warm even on the coldest football day.

21Propane Heater Tank Toppers: These portable heaters come in several sizes and are also great to travel with.

I can’t promise your team will win every week, but with these 21 tailgating tools, I can promise you will have a winning tailgate party.  You may even start to wonder how can I get these people to go home!  Good luck to your team and get out there and celebrate the good ol’ pigskin!

Have any tools you use for tailgating?  Share them in the comments.