How to Use a Flat Panel TV Kit

flat panel tv kit

Moving can be stressful when you think about transporting your fragile items.  Your TV is one of those items, and it’s not cheap!  It’s also the portal to all your favorite movies and shows, so you’ll want the best protection for it.  So, be sure to put a Flat Panel TV Kit on your moving supply list.  Here are some tips for putting it to use!

Before You Begin

You’ll want to make sure your TV can fit into the kit before you purchase it.  This box accommodates TVs that are 32″ to 70″ (measured diagonally), and 1″ to 4″ in depth.  If your TV fits these standards, you’re good to go!  The Flat Panel TV Kit comes with:

  • 2 double-walled telescoping boxes
    • 1 inner box
    • 1 outer box
    • 5 handles each
  • Foam pieces that provide 8 protection points for TV


  1. This kit can be a bit tricky to use by yourself.  If possible, have a friend or family member help you with the process.  If you choose to hire moving help, they are also great for assisting with tasks like this.
  2. Don’t rush.  Take your time opening up the kit and its pieces, because you don’t want to break anything (tearing a foam piece the wrong way, for example).  Hurrying through the process can also cause you to not do a thorough job in protecting your TV, which won’t turn out well.

Go Step By Step

Use Protective Foam Hingesfoam2

Your Flat Panel TV Kit will come with 4 of these hinges.  To put them on properly:

  • Remove each of their center inserts
  • Bend them at a right angle, one at a time
  • Place a hinge on each corner of your TV (so the opening of the right angle is facing away from the TV)

Wrap It

The foam blocks are great for protecting your TV.  However, they may slip off when you slide your TV into the box.  Be sure to secure them with some stretch wrap for optimum protection.  Simply wrap it up tight around the entire TV, and do several layers.  There’s no tape needed because the wrap sticks to itself!

wrapYou’ll want to add some extra cushion for when your TV is inside the box.  You can do this either using a Flat Screen TV Cover or some furniture pads. Here’s what you should do for each option

1. Flat Screen TV Cover– Use this cover after you put on the foam blocks.  It slides right over your TV easily!  After that, go ahead with the stretch wrap.

2. Furniture Pads– If you choose to utilize furniture pads, you’ll need them after you put on the foam blocks and stretch wrap.  Just add a few to any extra space you have in your box around the TV.

If you choose to use both the TV cover and furniture pads, it can’t hurt!  It will offer even more protection, but it’s only necessary to use one of them.

Box It

The kit comes with an inner box and an outer box.  First, slide the inner box out so you boxcan get your TV in it.  Once you have it in, take that inner box and slide it into the outer box. This is where another person comes in handy.  Either you or your helper should hold the closed end of the box steady while the other pushes the TV in from the other side.                       

For a closer look at the Flat Panel TV Kit, take a look at this video:

How did the Flat Panel TV Kit work for you?  Share with us in the comments below!