Holiday Uses For a Cargo Trailer

Cargo Trailer for the holiday

The holiday season is upon us! The season brings a lot of family time, parties, presents and the magic of the season! Along with all of that comes errands, chores and a busy schedule. A cargo trailer can help you accomplish these errands easier and at an affordable price! Save your money for the presents you need to buy. Make a list of what you have left to do and check it twice. Below are some ways a cargo trailer can help you finish your holiday chores and errands.

Cargo Trailer for Holiday ShoppingHoliday Shopping

Whether you are shopping on Black Friday or throughout the holiday season, a cargo trailer can help you. They say the best gifts come in small packages, but whoever said that has never received a flat screen TV or an amazing piece of vintage furniture. Transporting these items is difficult if you do not own a pickup truck. Towing them in a cargo trailer is so easy! Protect your items with furniture pads to ensure they do not get scratched. A cargo trailer is lockable with a padlock and totally enclosed so no one can see what you have in there. Now you can get right back to shopping without the worry of someone breaking in to snag your great finds.

cargo trailer hauls out holiday decorationsDecoration Pick-Up

Are you decorating a yard the Griswolds would be jealous of this holiday season? You may need help hauling those lights and lawn ornaments out of storage. Cargo trailers have rails to tie your items down for safe transporting. Now you can make sure Rudolph makes it safely to his post to save Christmas!

cargo trailer for charityCharity Donations

‘Tis the season to give. Donations grow around the holiday season. Cargo trailers make it easier for organizations or families to give back to the people in their community. Whether you have canned goods from a food drive, clothes, furniture or adopted families to make deliveries to, cargo trailers can safely transport the items. Just remember that the weight of canned goods adds up quickly. So always load heavier goods in front and pay attention to ensure your total weight doesn’t exceed the trailer’s capacity.

Snow Day with a Cargo TrailerSnow Day

Planning to hit the slopes over the holiday season? Transporting your skis, snowboard, sled, and luggage can fill up an entire vehicle. You also may want to bring a friend or two. Use a cargo trailer to bring your winter sports gear up to the snow. It is weatherproof and secure. Now you can enjoy the journey instead of being cramped the whole ride.

cargo trailer to go home for the holidayHauling Gifts and Luggage Home for the Holidays

Think of renting a cargo trailer as an extension to Santa’s sled. A U-Haul trailer has always been the popular choice to carry holiday gifts and luggage home for the holidays. With a cargo trailer merrily providing the extra space you need during your holiday travels, you can choose a round-trip or a one-way rental and leave it in the city you are celebrating.

Cargo Trailer for a Winter MoveWinter Move

If you have a smaller move coming up this winter, cargo trailers are great! Because it is covered, the trailer protects your belongings against the elements. Cargo trailers also come in a variety of sizes so you can choose a size to fit your move.

If you have a hitch installed on your vehicle, a trailer can always help you with your day-to-day needs. During the holidays, you may have more need to tow items near and far. Cargo trailers are a great, affordable solution to those needs. If you do not have a hitch installed on your vehicle it may be time to invest in one. U-Haul has custom hitches for vehicles of all sizes and can be a great long-term investment. I hope you get all your errands and chores done with ease this holiday season!

Have you used a trailer to accomplish your holiday errands? Share in the comments.