6 Ways U-Haul Can Help You This Holiday Season

Nov 25, 2016


The holidays can be a crazy time of year. Shopping malls are packed, and you might feel like your list of errands will never end! Well, it’s time to put the joy back in your holidays with a little help from your friends at U-Haul. Here are some things U-Haul can help you with this holiday season:

1. Transporting Seasonal Items

The holidays mean shopping trips, which can result in a full trunk. A pickup truck or cargo van is an easy solution to transporting things like oversize gifts or items for a holiday party. Some things you may need to load in a pickup truck or cargo van are:

  • A Christmas tree
  • Large gifts (television, furniture, sporting equipment)
  • Lawn decorations
  • Chairs (holiday party)
  • Centerpieces or general decorations
  • Groceries


2. Coming Home From College

If you’re in college, you may be coming home for the holiday season. You’ve studied hard for your finals, and now it’s time to kick back with your family. Perhaps there are a few things in your dorm you’d like to take home with you, such as some winter clothes or holiday gifts for family. Collegeboxes is the perfect service to ship those items home for you, and even ship them back to school if you wish!

ornament3. Making and Storing Decorations

Believe it or not, U-Haul moving supplies can help your holidays in a few ways:

  • If you have any old moving boxes around the house, you can easily transform them into great Christmas tree ornaments!
  • Also, a Christmas tree storage bag is perfect to keep your tree in year-round so it’s looking fresh for the holiday season.  There’s no need to fit your tree back in its original box!
  • Your ornaments will need a safe storage place as well. Make things easy with a glass pack kit!  Each ornament can have its own slot, so you won’t have to find any broken ones later on.
  • Lastly, it’s always smart to think of next year during the holidays.  Be sure to save any holiday gift bags you receive so you can reuse them.  You may be thinking you don’t want to accumulate clutter, but they can easily be stored under your bed or in your closet in a clear storage container.  These containers can also be used for your ornaments, stockings, holiday pillows/blankets, and more.

4. Storing Gifts and Seasonal Items

Renting a storage unit is a smart move during the holiday season. If you’re a college student, you may need some extra space for winter items, or for gifts you receive from family. If you’re planning on having the best decorated lawn in your neighborhood, a storage unit is a great place to keep your decorations year-round when you’re done with them. Also, if your kids are prone to tearing down the house looking for those hidden gifts, opt for storage away from home for the best hiding place! You might store your:

  • Christmas tree
  • Indoor/outdoor decorative lights
  • Inflatable lawn decorations
  • Winter sports equipment (skis/snowboard)
  • Heavy coats/boots

5. Hosting Holiday Partiesfirering3

Hosting a party for the holidays can be stressful. Be sure to use your resources in order to make things as easy as possible. From keeping warm to cooking a delicious meal, propane is your ultimate holiday party tool. Especially if you throw an outdoor party, it may get chilly for you and your guests. Put your propane tank to use with:

  • Portable heaters. These are small and easy to pick up and move during a party. Depending on the size, they can radiate heat for up to 400 square feet.
  • Propane fire ring. It has the look and feel of a campfire, but there’s no smoke and no need for firewood! Now you won’t have to run in the house to grab jackets for your guests while you’re trying to entertain.

Also, the holidays aren’t the same without a meal to bring everyone together! Here are a few things to help with your party:

  • An oil-less turkey fryer. You can make a delicious turkey for your friends and family but without the oily mess!
  • Easy recipes. Here are a few that are delicious and easy, because you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen while hosting a party!
  • Safety tips. Follow these to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday party meal.

Whether you’re facing a hefty shopping spree, a lack of ornaments, or a big holiday party for your friends and family, U-Haul has you covered this holiday season!

Vintage doily and glitter star ornament by GlitterandFrills is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.


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