When to use Cushion Foam vs. Enviro-Bubble®

Cushion Foam and Enviro-Bubble® — Both are commonly used moving supplies designed to pack and protect your belongings. Furthermore, both items are 100% recyclable, making them equally environmentally friendly packing supplies. So, as you start planning and picking up supplies for your move, how do you determine which you need or if you should you both? Despite the fact that both supplies are great for absorbing shock and protect fragile items, they do have a few different best-use-case scenarios. Using the following information, you can assess your items to determine how much of each packing supply you will need for your move in the battle between cushion foam vs. Enviro-Bubble®.

When to use Cushion Foam vs. Enviro-Bubble

When to use Cushion Foam

Unlike Enviro-Bubble®, which creates a thick cushiony layer of air bubbles, cushion foam protects in the form of a thin cushion made up of tiny air cells. Because of its thinner design, cushion foam is better for items that you are stacking together in boxes such as art or dishes. Additionally, cushion foam adds thermal protection for heat sensitive items. In the battle of cushion foam vs. Enviro-Bubble®, cushion foam is better for packing smaller, flatter items such as kitchenware, home decor, and small knick-knacks.

Best Uses

  • Cushion Foam vs. Enviro-Bubble®Protect small fragile items like camera lenses or glasses
  • Wrap around glass dishes, cups, stemware, silver, and other kitchen items
  • Separate plates when packing
  • Separate bowls when packing
  • Wrap pictures, paintings, frames and more for added surface protection
  • Protect decorative knick-knacks, figurines and other home decors


When to use Enviro-Bubble®

The primary benefit of Enviro-Bubble® compared to cushion foam is that it has thicker packets of air that absorb more shock for heavier items. While it is not as easy to layer between dishes, Enviro-Bubble® is the perfect tool to protect electronic equipment or decorative sculptures. It is able to seal an item to protect it from moisture when wrapped thoroughly for items sensitive to differing weather conditions or climates. Aside from its larger air bubbles having the ability to absorb more shock than cushion foam, Enviro-Bubble® also comes in the form of rolls whereas cushion foam comes in sheets. While these sheets are perfect when dealing with smaller items and using as a layer between items, it doesn’t have the potential to cover as much as Enviro-Bubble® which can be cut in as small or as long as you desire. This is a big reason why Enviro-Bubble® is much better suited for larger home decor pieces and heavy electronics in the battle of cushion foam vs. Enviro-Bubble®.

Best Uses

  • When to use Enviro-BubbleProtect fragile or heavy items
  • Protect decorative pieces such as paintings, sculptures, crystal or glass
  • Pack electronic or stereo equipment
  • Protect heavier fragile items such as lamps, cameras or makeup organizers
  • Wrap items too large for cushion foam


What are your best use-case-scenarios for cushion foam vs. Enviro-Bubble®? Share in the comments!