Cinco de Mayo Ready Grilling Recipes

Summer a great time to show your friends that you are the best party host around. Cinco de Mayo, in particular, is a great way to kick off the summer grilling season with festive foods. With a little music, some carne asada, and a lot of propane, You’re on your way to the best Cinco de Mayo fiesta yet!

Planning The Perfect Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Fiesta Ready Foods

Every good party starts with good food. For your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, this means having copious amounts of chips, salsa, and guac for guests to munch on. Then, delicious, spicy entrees, fresh off the grill. Before you can get cooking, you’ll want to top off your propane tank or pick up a backup tank to ensure you can keep cooking all day long. Once you have your propane, you just need your food and the grilling accessories. Here are a few ideas to get your party started:

Elotes Off The Grill

All year-round, grilled corn is one of my personal favorite foods. Grill 4 ears of corn evenly and together with a corn grilling basket. Once the corn is grilled, cover it in your favorite blend of sour cream, mayo, cotija cheese, spice powder, garlic and any other herbs or spices you want to make it your own. I personally like to top off my elotes with Tajin and a little salt. To avoid the need for hundreds of napkins, help guests eat this delicious but messy meal with Corn on the Cob Holders.

Planning The Perfect Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Carne Asada Burritos

Your guests will go wild for some grilled carne asada burritos. Make your favorite asada marinade in a side bowl prior to grilling up your sirloin steaks. For the juiciest, most flavorful carne asada ever, inject marinade directly into your steak with this marinate meat injector. Season the outside of your steaks with salt and pepper as well as your steak marinade. If you have time to prep the carne in advance, let it soak in the marinade at least overnight. Grill to your level of satisfaction, be that rare or well-done with the help of this Digital BBQ Temperature Fork. Toss tortillas onto the grill for a few seconds to heat them up. Once your carne asada is cooked, slice and add to your tortilla with black beans, guacamole, cheese, salsa, cilantro and any other goodies you’d like to include.

Grilled Chicken Enchiladas

Grab your favorite enchilada sauce, taco seasoning, and cheese. It’s time to make enchiladas! Simply toss your chicken breast on the grill after seasoning to your taste with salt, pepper and taco seasoning. To help ensure that your chicken reaches that perfect char on the outside and moisture on the inside, try out this grilling tool set. If you prefer your chicken shredded, you can easily pull the meat apart when they’re done with these grilling claws. Once your chicken and veggies are done, simply roll them with cheese in a flour tortilla. Toss the tortilla on the grill for a couple of seconds just to crisp up a little bit, then drench them in enchilada sauce, sour cream and more cheese!

Planning The Perfect Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Grilled Quesadillas

If you’ve never had grilled quesadillas before, you’re in for a life-changing experience. If you like to fill your quesadillas with chicken or veggies, grill those on the side ahead of time. When ready, fill your tortillas with cheese and other stuffing. Then, simply slide into this quesadilla grilling basket! You’ll achieve perfect, crisp quesadillas in no time.

Fish Tacos

Love seafood? Add some fish tacos to your fiesta! Grill 3 whole fish at once seamlessly with a fish grilling basket. Pre-season fish with spice powder, olive oil, salt and pepper to your preference. I like to slice up some lemons or limes and onions to slide in with the fish in the basket to add extra flavor. When fish is done grilling, cut out slices to place in tortillas. Top with avocado, cilantro, and salsa.

Planning The Perfect Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

What is your favorite way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Share in the comments!