Using a Trailer for a Small Move

May 24, 2017

Small Move with Trailer

With the moving season getting closer, many people are beginning to plan their summer moves. A moving truck is a great way to move for families or for people with many belongings. For smaller moves, you have even more options and can choose to use a U-Haul trailer. U-Haul offers many trailer sizes perfect for smaller moves. Below is everything you need to know about using a trailer for your move.

Who’s Making Trailer Moves

If you are wondering if a trailer is a perfect solution for your move, here are some types of movers that can typically move with a trailer.

  • College Students: Moving into a dorm or small apartment usually means there is no space to bring many of your belongings. Depending on how much you have, you can rent a trailer or share a trailer with a friend or roommate.
  • Young Professionals: Whether you just graduated, moving into your first solo apartment or moving for a new job, at this stage in your life you typically do not have too much furniture or belongings yet. This makes moving with a trailer easy to accomplish.
  • Minimalists: If you believe in keeping only the bare essentials in your closets and home you can typically move with a trailer.
  • Newlyweds or Couples Moving in Together: When merging two households, a trailer rental is a great choice because there is never an additional mileage charge. As you settle in together, you can anticipate multiple trips between the old residences and the new nest, plus extra side stops along the way such as picking up a joint purchase at a furniture store and hauling excess belongings to donate or store.

Get Hitched Up

The first thing you will need to tow a trailer for your move is a hitch if you do not already have one installed on your vehicle. U-Haul offers custom hitches based on your vehicle’s make and model. You do not need a truck to be able to tow a trailer. Most cars can haul a trailer. U-Haul also offers many benefits of purchasing a hitch from them. The biggest benefit of purchasing a hitch for your move is the long-term use you can get out of your hitch. You can use your hitch to tow a trailer for more than just moving. You can also use it for DIY projects, camping, gardening/landscaping, home renovations or use towing accessories like bike racks and cargo carriers to get to your next adventure.

Trailer Type

Cargo trailers are recommended to use for moving. A cargo trailer rental provides the utility, flexibility and is your most economical way to move. They are enclosed and will protect your belongings from the weather. Cargo trailers also come with a lockable latch, allowing you to secure your goods with a padlock. Utility trailers are great to use for landscaping and gardening, but they do not protect your household belongings from the weather or road grime.

Picking a Trailer Size

You can use any size cargo trailer that you feel will best fit your belongings, but the two most commonly used cargo trailer sizes for small moves are the 5×8 and 6×12 cargo trailers. Both of these cargo trailers offer moving solutions for young professionals, minimalists, newlyweds or college movers. Based on how many belongings you have, you can pick the size that best fits your moving needs.

  • 5×8 Cargo Trailer: This trailer is great for an apartment or dorm room moving. There is enough room to load items like a bed, small couch, electronics, kitchen supplies, boxes and more. This trailer can tow a load up to 900 lbs.
  • 6×12 Cargo Trailer: This is the largest covered trailer and is frequently used for cross-country and across town moves. This trailer can fit beds, other furniture, electronics, kitchen supplies and has room for boxes. This trailer can tow a load up to 2,480 lbs.

Protect Your Belongings

When you are just starting to collect household belongings every piece you own is important. Make sure you protect them while moving. U-Haul trailers are equipped with rub rails and heavy duty-rings, making it easy to tie down your belongings with rope to keep them in place during transit. Cover items with furniture pads to keep them from getting scratched or damaged. A padlock also keeps items secure on cross country or across town moves. It is always a good idea to add damage coverage. SafeTow® provides multiple levels of damage coverage for the goods in your trailer rental.

Safe Trailering

Safe trailering is very important anytime you are towing a trailer. Understanding how to safely tow your belongings keep you, your items and other people on the road safe. To avoid swaying, load 60% of the weight at the front of the trailer. The front of the trailer is the part that is closest to where the trailer connects to the hitch. For safer trailering guidelines, watch the below series from U-Haul.

Trailers are readily available during the busy moving season and offer a very affordable moving option. This makes them perfect for cost-conscious movers and last-minute planners. Movers making a smaller move have the option of using a moving truck or a trailer based on their own moving needs and space needed. Both options are safe and reliable to make the choice based on your individual preferences. Reserve a trailer for your small move here.

Have you used a trailer for a move before? Share your tips in the comments.


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