Solutions for a Last-Minute Move

May 31, 2023

Moving to a new place is exciting, but sometimes we find ourselves with little time to pack. That’s okay, we’ve all been there! A last-minute move is not as uncommon as you may think, but it can be easier than it usually is. We have some expert tips to avoid procrastination and have a successful last-minute move. Check them out below:

1. Get Ready-To-Go Boxes

 Perhaps you just want to pack as fast as you can without assembling any boxes. We find that Ready-To-Go Boxes are great for last-minute moves because they don’t require any assembly which saves a lot of time. That’s because Ready-To-Go Boxes are plastic containers that you can rent at your local U-Haul store. They are easy to transport, easy to stack on each other, and best of all, they make unpacking easy!

2. Order your Moving Supplies Online

When it comes to a last-minute move, packing can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, we have an online store, where you can order all the packing supplies that you need for your last-minute move.

To make this last-minute move simpler, here are some of the items that we recommend making packing easy:

  • Wardrobe Boxes

When it comes to packing clothes, the process can be time-consuming, and you can end up using more boxes than you need to.

Our Wardrobe Boxes are cool because they come with a metal bar that allows you to hang your clothes as you would in your closet. You don’t need to pack hangers and clothes separately anymore! The Wardrobe Box comes in different sizes depending on your needs. Whether you have dresses, blouses or coats that you need to hang, you can find the perfect Wardrobe Box for them.

  • Dish Saver Kit

Packing dishes can be tricky. You have to pack them in a way that will prevent them from breaking during the move. Our Dish Saver Kit is a life saver. It comes with foam pouches to keep your dishes well-protected. It also comes with a Dish Saver Glass Pack Box and a cell-divider unit to organize dishes by size or type.

  • Moving Boxes Kit

Not sure what boxes you need for your last-minute move? We offer Moving Box Kits, which include a large variety of boxes and supplies depending on your needs. For example, if you need moving supplies for a 3 to 4-bedroom household, there is a kit for that. This makes your last-minute move so much easier by saving you time.

3. Hire Moving Help Providers

Maybe you have waited until the last minute to pack and move, and it might be too late to ask your friends for help. Have no fear, Moving Help Providers are here to do it all for you!

Moving Help Providers are available to do the heavy lifting for you. You can even read reviews and compare prices online so that you can make sure you’re choosing the right people. No need to Google search for hours! Reserve Moving Help Providers and wave goodbye to the stress of a last-minute move.

The truth is, we are all guilty of procrastinating at some point…But fear not! A last-minute move is not as stressful as you might think especially because U-Haul is always there to help make your move easier.

Be sure to visit our website for more details about the products and services we offer that are sure to make your last-minute move easier.

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