10 Reasons a Propane Smoker is Better than other Smokers

Aug 17, 2018

When it comes to smoking meat, which smoker do you think of using?  There are charcoal, electric, and propane smokers. However, the latter reigns over the others in many ways. Here are ten reasons why you should choose a propane smoker.

10 Reasons A Propane Smoker is Better than other Smokers1. Less Demanding Process

Cooking meat with a propane smoker means you get to kick back and relax. When smoking, you should still make it a priority to check the meat a couple of items during the smoking process.

  • Is the temperature remaining constant?

  • Do more woodchips need to be added to give the meat it’s smoky flavor?

  • Does more water need to be added to ensure your meat doesn’t come out dry?

If you are new to using a propane smoker, here is a guide on some things to consider when smoking meats for the first time.

2. Portability

Don’t limit your cooking location to your backyard or patio. Propane smokers, unlike others, allow for easy portability. With a propane smoker, you no longer have to plug into an outlet like an electric smoker or lug around messy charcoal. Instead, just load up your propane smoker and propane tank, then you’re ready to go.

3. Better Flavor

With a propane smoker comes the option to use flavored woodchips such as Pecan Smoking Chips, which are perfect for smoking poultry. Compared to the other means of smoking, using chips with a propane smoker produce a much smokier flavor. There are various flavors of smoking chips that will excite your senses when sitting down and enjoying your next meal. Pair the following woodchips with your favorite meat or fish:

Woodchips for certain meats

Here’s a full list of our other smoking chips: Apple Wood, Hickory Wood, Mesquite Wood, Cherry Wood, Whiskey Chips, Red Wine Chips, and White Wine Chips.

4. Clean Burn

Using a propane smoker means leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our environment. This means:

  • Less pollution in the air resulting in a better environment.

  • Cleaner food, since soot deposits will no longer be present on your meat.

5. Push-button Ignition

No longer do you have to find a match or lighter to start smoking your meat. With a propane smoker:

  • Ensure the connection between the tank and the smoker is secure.

  • Turn the knob to allow propane to release from the tank

  • Push the button and start smoking

This makes smoking easy and convenient.

6. Cheaper Cost, Better Quality

Who doesn’t like spending less and getting more? Propane smokers are typically cheaper than other smoking options available and last longer. Meaning more delicious smoked meals for years to come! Check out our different smokers available here.

7. Built-in Temperature Gauge

Propane smokers such as our 30” Propane Smoker with Mechanical Thermostat Temperature Control typically come with a built-in temperature gauge. This gauge keeps track of and maintains the temperature inside the smoker so that your food is cooked evenly.

8. Glass WindowPropane Smoker with Window

Another reason propane smokers top their opponents is that a lot of them come with a built-in window, like this one. Having a window on your smoker allows you to check on your meat without opening up the door. It also allows you to see if your smoking chips are creating too much smoke.

9. Consistent Heat

Consistent heat is key to achieving a thoroughly smoked piece of meat. Since the propane smoker process is less demanding, you will not have to check on the meat as often or worry about flipping the meat. This means the door will be opened less frequently resulting in the heat remaining inside the smoker and keeping the temperature constant. The meat can be cooked to perfection since the temperature inside the smoker would remain constant.

10. Easy Clean-Up

The final reason a propane smoker is better than its competitors is that they are so much easier to clean. You no longer have to dispose of burnt charcoal! Here are some steps for a simple clean up:

  • Just turn off your smoker

  • Turn off the flow of propane from your tank

  • Wait for your smoker to cool down

  • Discard any remaining burnt wood chips

  • Then, wipe the interior and exterior with a wet cloth

If you’re looking for a flavorful, portable, convenient smoker then a propane smoker is the best option for you. It will surely get your mouth watering every time you use it and will certainly make you enjoy smoking meat more.


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