Your Game Day Grilling Guide

A new football season is just around the corner and for sports fans that means firing up the grill! Whether you enjoy watching the sport, or just love having get-togethers, you’ll probably be hosting or attending a gathering. You’ll need to make sure you have everything for your grilling and propane needs. Check out this Game Day grilling guide to help you score the perfect gathering!

Game Day Grilling 1

Game Day Grilling Supplies

You can’t have a Game Day party without food! But do you have all the supplies that are required for your grilling needs? Here’s what you need for game day grilling!

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Propane Refill Locations

Before we get this party started, make sure you head to your nearest refill location to top off your propane tank. Many people don’t know that refilling your tank is actually cheaper than exchanging it. Refilling your tank is also fast and easy.

Game Day Grilling 3

Propane Safety

It’s time to break out the propane tank and fire up the grill! But before you do that, make sure you’re following these propane safety tips so your party doesn’t get a penalty.

  • Do not use, inspect, or store a propane tank indoors.
  • Always keep your propane tank upright and secure. Use a tank foot to safely transport the tank.
  • Inspect your propane tank for leaks prior to use. To check for leaks, wipe down tank and connections with a solution of soapy water. If a leak is present, bubbles will form. Turn the valve off and check the system if a leak is found.
  • Propane gas leaks are indicated by the distinct odor of rotten eggs in the air. If you smell this, remove any flames or ignition points from the area and repair or replace any defective parts.
  • Never leave a propane tank in your vehicle. Heat, sunlight, and motion, can increase pressure, creating a flammable and explosive environment.
  • Have your tank re-qualified before refilling if it is 10 years or older.

Game day is always an exciting time and with this grilling guide, your party will definitely score a touchdown with your guests!